1000 Subscribers On YouTube In A Day? How To Do It For Free?

Can a new YouTuber get 1000 subscribers in a day for Free? It sounds unbelievable if someone is claiming that. But if you are on the right side of YouTube and it can do the job for you.

How? To get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day, make entertaining videos and appeal to various communities that are congruent to your niche. But it is easier said than done. 

In this article, let’s deep dive into this exciting idea: How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day?

Why Do You Need Subscribers For Your Channel?

Subscribers are committed members who wish to see more of you and your content by clicking the subscribe button. Also, subscribers help your channel and views grow organically. But, from YouTube’s point of view, subscriber number is a vital parameter in their algorithm that gauges the worthiness of your content.

How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day for free

Subscribers are the proof of the success of any YouTube channel. And, having a good subscriber base means that many people watch your videos regularly and trust you. It makes YouTube reward you by suggesting your channel to like-minded people and people looking for content relevant to their needs. If YouTube sees growth or reasonable click-through rates in their recommendation, your subscription grows like wildfire.

Is It Easy To Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers?

For a New Youtuber, gaining the first 1000 subscribers isn’t a piece of cake. It needs sheer willpower and consistency. The average time to get 1000 subscribers is 1-1.5 years, which is a good strategy for acquiring subscribers for your channel and ad revenue. So it isn’t easy but certainly doable. 

If you are targeting 1000 subscribers for monetizing your channel, many achieve it quickly by contacting 1000 people or 500 people subscribing from 2 accounts. But, the indisputable fact is getting subscribers alone won’t make you a YouTube Partner. You also need 4000 watch hours for it. 

It’s Easier said than done to get 1000 YouTube Subscribers in a day. Your 1000 subscribers will, over time, give you the advantage of increasing your view numbers. 

Hence, you need to have patience and follow a process to make it happen. Grabbing the first 50 organic subscribers is the toughest. ( I am not counting your friends and contacts who have subscribed at your request. They are a waste if they are not engaging with your content). 

The next step is 100. But your video creation needs to be consistent, and with time you will understand which keywords are working, which ones are liked and shared. Always ask your viewers to comment to get more engagement. Slowly over time, you touch 500. And, in no time, you will reach the milestone of 1000, which means that your channel is about to take off. 

Therefore, for 1000 subscribers, you need to have several videos with enough engagement. Is it Easy? You decide.

How do you get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day for free

How Do You Get 1000 Subscribers On YouTube In A Day?

By now, it is pretty clear that achieving your first 1000 subscribers in a day isn’t happening at all. Please avoid grey hat tactics or bot subscribing. Your YouTube journey will die sooner than ever. 

You cannot get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day; it’s an unrealistic goal for beginners. Successful channels do gain more than 1000 subscribers a day. But, for a beginner, it’s complicated. 

But there are two Quick ways to get 1000 subscribers on YouTube in a day.

  1. Run Ads on YouTube:

The legit way is to advertise on YouTube and spend tons of dollars to get the first 1000 subscribers. In a day? – it depends on your pocket, your presentation, the ad copy, your call to action, your targeting, and your YouTube advertising expertise. But I doubt any newbie will possess such skills and capabilities.

  1. Help of a Popular Youtuber/Social Media Influencer:

The easiest way is to ask a popular Youtuber/Social Media Influencer to help you. If they like your content and they wish to help, they will help you. But your content must be honest and worth his time; then only he will feature you in their channel or post it on their Facebook profile or Twitter page.

 It’s a business-to-business relationship; hence the result is a mutual gain for both parties. But in reality, no influencer will entertain such a proposal unless heavily paid by you or is a family member or a close friend. Still, achieving 1000 in a day is an arduous task.

So, growing on YouTube is a process, and the creator has to go through it. Looking for shortcuts isn’t the trick here. Even if you buy 1000 subscribers a day, you will take more than two years to reach the 1 million’s milestone. Meanwhile, growing the channel gradually may reach 1 million earlier than yours. So, buying subs or dealing for subs isn’t a good idea.

Is YouTubing a good career?

Can You Get 1000 Subscribers On YouTube In A Day for Free?

If your channel is in an infancy stage, it is out of the question. But if you are already in the 100K plus subscriber base, it is fairly easy to achieve 1000 subscribers in a day for FREE. But to reach there, you need a strong will and discipline to crank out valuable content consistently. So let’s see how you can strive to achieve the magic figure of getting 1000 subscribers in a day for FREE.

Build A Strong Community

If you start a YouTube Channel, emphasize content over money. And, never buy subscribers because they are bots and violate engagement policy. Before getting to the 1000 new subscribers, ensure that you are introducing yourself to various communities of Youtubers and Forums where they gather. It lets your videos be viewed by people who are a part of those communities or interested in that community.

The Power of Compounding

It may be easier to get views but not subscribers. But initially, it isn’t easy to get 100 subscribers. Now, if you have 100 subscribers, then your next target shouldn’t be 1000 directly. It would be best if you aimed for 250, then 500, and so on. Trust the Power Of Compounding. What happens after you see the subscriber growing by to 5 in a day. When you reach 1000, you will start getting 5 to 10 in a day. After few months, it will be 25 to 50 in a day.

Over the years, when you cross 100K subscribers, you will start getting 500 to 1000 subscribers a day for free.

Focus On Content Than Tricks

Growing in YouTube depends on the content, consistency, SEO, and yes, a little bit of luck. But, the chance is when preparation meets opportunity. As a starting YouTuber, you should focus on creating excellent content. And uploading videos with the right keywords is essential too. 

Lastly, putting effort continuously into what you love. Posting videos regularly with researched keywords will take you much further than any luck. Have faith in what you are doing. Don’t take YouTube like a Job; take it as a way to entertain people. Stay consistent and don’t waste money on websites promising subs.

Analyze your Audience

The job of a creator is to create what the audience wants to see. Audiences have a lot of options on YouTube, but a creator becomes because of his audience. Initially, all you have to do is see which videos are most popular on your channel and analyze the pattern and likes of people. Make more content related to its insight.

To maintain a diverse and robust content portfolio, you must always try new things, whether dictated by your audience’s preferences or just something fresh. A more diversified portfolio also means you won’t risk getting stuck in a rut. Just remember to stay within the concepts of your channel so that viewers know what to expect from you.

Is YouTubing a good career?

SEO – Keyword Research

Choose the best keyword. It is like selecting your proper skill set. Choose the language of your channel according to your channel preference. English is best for getting organic traffic in large numbers and top-ranking during your video search if you are a beginner video maker.

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) is beneficial to be in the good books of the YouTube Algorithm. Even in YouTube, SEO and keyword play a crucial role. A video with an attractive thumbnail and well-researched keywords in description is likely to rank higher than an unorganized one. 

The higher you rank, the more visible you are, the more viewers you get. As simple as that! So never forget the keyword research part. It’s not mandatory to buy keyword tools as you can find some great keywords from YouTube autosuggest. The search box is enough to give you keywords for your newest channel videos. 

Share your Content on different platforms.

By sharing content, you get more views on YouTube for free. You can redirect/bring genuine viewers to your channel without spending any money. The path is quite simple. Join forums or groups based on your niche and see what people are discussing. 

If you have made videos on those topics, share them over there in a descriptive and friendly way. Create videos and help others. Indulge in discussion with people in the forum/group. You don’t need to target all the social media platforms. A few handfuls with accuracy will do the job.  

Variable Reward System

This trick applies to almost every type of channel. Here, it would help if you used human psychology. Humans tend to be engaged in situations where they can get something. 

The same happens if I tell the audience at the start of the video that there’s a giveaway or reward in between the video, chances are people might stay on the video or drag to find the time. Ultimately, you get the watch hours and maybe subscribers too. 

Random Video Uploading

To understand this trick, you need to be in a situation. Suppose your favorite channel uploads a video once a week on Monday at 8 PM. Now, you know the day and timing. Why would you subscribe? The main objective of subs is to send a notification to the viewer.

But, if the viewer knows the time and day, why would he subscribe. So, try to upload on random days and times. It makes your viewers a bit insecure about missing a video. And, you can take advantage of this instinct.

How long should a Youtube video last

Related Questions:

How Long Does It Take To Get 4000 Watch Hours And 1000 Subscribers?

If the viewers are rabidly engaged with your content, you will reach 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in no time.

Statistically, if you get an average watch hour of 11 hours a day, you will accomplish 4000 watch hours in 1 year. To do for six months, you need 22 hours of watch hour a day. However, you are likely to accomplish it way earlier if you keep on uploading regularly.

What is the Fastest Way to Get 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers?

If you want to achieve it in X days, divide 4000 with X, that’s the daily watch hour requirement. If you create 8 videos of 5 minutes in a month, the total watch hour is 40 minutes. That means a viewer who views all those eight videos gives you 40 minutes to watch hours a month.

To get 4000 watch hours in 6 months, you will need to work on the following calculations:

4000/182 (approx.) =22 hours/day

22 Hours x 60 minutes x 30 days = 39600 minutes required in a month

39600 required minute/40 minute video (8 video x 5 minutes each) = 990 viewers.

So, if 990 viewers view your videos without fail, you will reach 4000 watch hours in 6 months. And that’s why most of the YouTubers reach it way early than 6 months. But, in real life, the above mathematics may not work so efficiently. Video length also matters. Also, old videos keep on getting views. So, it may be quicker than expected if your content is of quality and is favored by YouTube.

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