3 Quick Fixes To Speed Up Youtube Upload Problems

YouTube uploads usually take a long time to process, especially if you upload videos of higher quality. Don’t worry, though! We’re here with some tips to make the wait a little less stressful.

Long video processing lags can be because of your internet connection, the quality of your laptop, or even the size of the files due to excessive data usage. These quick fixes will hopefully help you to get your Youtube videos up faster! So let’s get into this issue step by step.

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Why Does YouTube Upload Take So Long?

Three main reasons that may result in a YouTube video taking a long time to upload are as follows.

  1. If the Video Has a Large File Size

A large file size taking a relatively long period to upload makes a lot of sense. After all, it isn’t logical that a small, large size takes the same time as its large counterpart to upload fully. Therefore, the simple explanation for why the YouTube video is taking a long time is its size being big and nothing much.

  • If Your Internet Connection Has a Slow Speed

It is no secret that you will need the internet to upload your YouTube video. It may seem obvious, but you never know who needs to hear this. Okay, far from that, the internet is essential, and its speed is equally important. If it is fast, uploading your video will be pretty fast, and vice versa.

  • Quality of your Laptop / Desktop /Smartphone :

YouTube upload times can be affected by the quality of your laptop or desktop computer. The processor and RAM in your device will affect how long it takes to process a video.

If you’re uploading from a phone, it’s unlikely that the device itself is to blame for slow uploads. Even if your phone doesn’t have high specs, if you’re using WiFi internet, it should handle pretty much any YouTube uploads without issue.

How Can I Make My Youtube Videos Upload Faster? 3 Quick Fixes

Why does YouTube upload take so long? That’s no longer an issue but are your hands tied? Fortunately, that’s not the case, and you have some ways of fixing such problems. Let’s take a look at some of the quick fixes.

  1. Exporting a File in the Right Format

Yes, the issue of having a file size that’s too large often arises due to how you import a movie. Upon editing your video on video editing software such as iMovie, Cut X pro, or Adobe premium pro, which are pretty common among YouTubers, be keen on how you export them.

After all, how you export your video determines its final file size. If the format you use is wrong, you can expect a large file size followed by waiting forever for it to upload on YouTube.

Ensure that you change the upload encoding settings on your editor, and Youtube always recommends H.264 for the video. Additionally, changing the file from .mov to .mp4 can make all the difference when using Premiere pro.

Given how easy it is to make the shift, it would be wise to make that change. It is important to note that changing the settings is possible regardless of the software you use.

Another important exporting setting is matching the shooting frame rate to uploading it. For example, when uploading a video recorded at a frame rate of 60, don’t change that when uploading it.

The same case applies to the 24 and 30 and so on. Otherwise, you may end up have an exported file with a file size double that of the original one. What do you expect after exporting a video you recorded using a frame rate of 30 at a frame rate of 60? Again, be keen on that when exporting your files from your video editing software.

  1. Fast Internet Speed

Interestingly, there are many ways of achieving this solution which eliminates the inconvenience of a slow internet connection. If your service provider is the problem, look for a better one with better speeds.

If that’s not a problem, there are other ways of dealing with the issue. One of them is connecting your computer directly to the router using a cable. That has what it takes to make YouTube video upload quite fast.

If you have other devices connected to the internet connection, disconnect them to increase your internet speed. Last but not least, focus solely on uploading a video. That’s because doing other things that require an internet connection on the computer you are using to upload the video will lead to a slow internet connection.

Why does youtube upload take so long
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Once you sort out such issues, the internet speed will increase. Consequently, uploading your YouTube video won’t take so long.

  1. Uploading Two Videos Simultaneously

This approach doesn’t have an explanation. All you need to know is that uploading two similar videos simultaneously can reduce the upload time. In case you are worried about duplicates, that won’t happen if you set one as private.

You will upload the first file usually. After that, start uploading the second one just like you do it but set it as private. Once the upload is over, delete the private one. The bottom line is that the upload speed increases when uploading two videos at the same time.

Why Is My Youtube Upload Stuck?

Youtube videos upload get stuck due to few reasons. One of them is an issue with the YouTube servers, which co-occurs when too many uploads occur. The most likely cause of action is slowing the upload speed, but it can also stop.

The internet connection could also be the issue for being unstable or weak, not forgetting a low bandwidth. Violating Youtube Trademark Policy, Community Guidelines, and Term of Use could see your videos stuck at the processing stage.

Why does youtube upload take so long

In other cases, you will get a warning to know about your violation. Therefore, if your video upload stops, it could be your fault, or Youtube could be the culprit. Some issues may require you to change the content, whereas others only need you to wait.

Why Won’t My Video Upload To Youtube?

There can be many reasons why your Youtube video won’t upload. First, the video format may not be supported by Youtube, including WAV and MP3. It supports WebM, 3GPP, FLV, WMV, AVI, MP4, MPEG4, and MOV formats.

If you don’t own a verified account, it is also impossible to upload a video with a length above 15 minutes. As for the video size, it shouldn’t exceed 128 GB either. 

Sometimes it could be that your internet connection is slow or unavailable, to begin with. In other cases, heavy upload traffic can be a hindrance. Remember that YouTube also filters some stuff, including nudity.

Why does youtube upload take so long

Copyright violation is another thing that this platform doesn’t condone. One way of confirming that some part of the content of your video is being filtered out is if it stays pending for several hours. Fortunately, meeting the Youtube standards and regulations will fix that right away.

Final Words:

As you begin or continue your YouTube career, think about these quick fixes if you ever get stuck. Remember that you don’t have to take long to upload one either, and there is quite a lot to do to take the shortest time possible.

Fortunately, you now have several fixes to help you solve these issues right away. If it violates the terms, you have to change the content and ensure it meets them. 

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