8 Tips For Shooting Your Own Videos On YouTube

If you are one of those YouTube creators who are yet to graduate to becoming professional and running a videography team. The chances are you are on your own. So, when it comes to shooting your YouTube videos as a content creator, what is some crucial information you must keep in mind?

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This piece gives details about important tips to keep in mind when shooting your YouTube videos personally. Besides, the article explains facts on the best way to undertake these shoots and the crucial things to remember. Ensure that you check out the information below to understand video shooting better.

How Do I Shoot My Video On YouTube?

It is crucial to pay attention to your video quality even though you aren’t a professional. I know for newbies, it is almost impossible to invest in high-end gadgets to shoot cinematic videos.

So let’s start with the basics and keep things simple. What equipment do you need? All you need is a device that captures the right audio and images and can display the content you wish to show your audience.

There are many things you need when you want to shoot YouTube videos, including:

Microphone Or A Sound Recorder:

An excellent video with bad sound quality makes the viewers lose interest in your work. So, grab a microphone or sound recorder first.  After all, it guarantees that your target audience can engage with your work. Different manufacturers currently offer these devices, and you can choose one that fits your taste and budget. Note that even the cheapest one will assist you.

Standard Light Kit:

Videos highly depend on lighting to show essential details and improve the general view. So, for a startup content creator, ensure you have a basic light kit. You can get the cheapest version as long as it does its job. It is also okay to use natural lighting, but it requires you to have the basic videography skills to exploit natural lighting.

A Good Video Editing Software:

Despite how precise one is, it is impossible to control the camera shake details, mainly if you shoot your videos. Therefore, decent video editing software will do the trick. This simple hack helps you eliminate unnecessary sounds, content, images, etc. We have multiple software available to use where some are free; hence you can exploit them to make your final content more significant and better.

The content above explains what you need when shooting your video using a camera or smartphone. It highlights the simple steps you need to follow to ensure that your work can grab the attention of your target audience.

Last but not least, the technique is vital and ensures that you don’t lose out just because your equipment isn’t high-class. In other words, with the correct methods, you can survive your beginner days.

For example, if your mic is low-quality, ensure that you speak loudly and clearly for all to hear. Don’t you have the right lighting setting? Explore videography tips for using natural lighting. All these techniques and expertise are there to help you make better videos.

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4 Things To Remember Before Filming Yourself

There are many video-shooting devices you can use depending on the resources you have as a content creator. For instance, you can shoot video using a camera or smartphone, depending on your budget. YouTube beginners often have a hard time with limited devices. So, for this section, we will cover some of the vital things you need to remember as content creators shooting their own YouTube videos.

1.No shame on using Smartphones

When you are using a smartphone, you may not necessarily compare your video to videos of a professional camera. After all, a camera’s primary responsibility is to make videos, and the settings come in handy to improve your video quality. However, things are different when working with a smartphone. And it is no secret that a considerable share of YouTube beginners uses smartphones to record video.

2. Proper Lighting

If you are using your smartphone, it is crucial to have proper lighting to improve your video’s general look. Naturally, smartphones are less advantaged when making videos and require light adjustments which a light kit can easily offer.

3. Get an External Microphone

Another vital detail to remember is that it is hard to capture the right audio with your phone, thanks to the environmental noise. In that case, a microphone is an excellent choice to output clear sound. So, get an external mic since there are affordable ones that most videographers can buy.

4. Choose the Suitable Video Editing Software:

Last but not least, ensure you get the best video editing software. Editing is the backbone of high-quality videos. You can quickly overtake an individual with the best camera set with editing techniques. 

Suppose you are a content creator who uses a camera, then naturally, you are highly advantaged since a good camera will assist you in outputting high-quality videos. However, you need to understand it to get the best out of your camera.

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Learn all there is to your camera and understand the manual settings. What is the best setting for you for a specific video? The best lens for your work? As long as you know your camera, you will get high-quality results. Also, video editing software is quite essential to assist you in editing your work.

8 Tips For Shooting Your Own Videos On YouTube

Now, here are the tips to improve your videos and get the optimum results. Whatever your case is, this section is suitable for all. Read on!

1.     Understand The Best Setting Of Your Shooting Device: 

Whether you are shooting using your camera or smartphone, you need to understand what you have and how to use it. This tip is quite crucial since it defines what you need to do.

After all, a good-quality video depends on the content you create and your video quality. For instance, if you use the DSLR camera, you need to understand better the settings and which one is the best to use for various situations.

Other than that, you can control video sharpness. Ensure that you know your video capturing device and use it ideally.

2.     Have Maximum Control Of The Lighting System:

If you know basic videography knowledge, you understand that lighting is one of the primary determiners of video quality. Why not, when lighting offers you the flexibility of exploring different places and angles. With good lighting, you ensure that your videos look decent.

A lighting kit is a great option, especially since it is affordable for all to buy. However, if you don’t have the budget, you can exploit natural lighting to get decent lighting through your window. Note that it would be best to have a lighting kit since it ensures that you can make good-quality videos.

3.     Get An Affordable Microphone Or Wireless System To Get Good Audio: 

Imagine coming across an interesting video, but you can’t watch it because the audio quality is unbearable. It is difficult for both the content creator and the audience in this situation.

So, how do you go about it? This tip targets to solve such problems by ensuring that you have decent audio at all times. You probably wonder why we go for a dedicated microphone and not the video-capturing device’s microphone. The dedicated microphone is precise, and its primary goal is to ensure high-quality sound.

4.     Highlight The Critical Details: 

if you survey YouTube especially go through channels with many subscribers, you realize that these content creators are precise with the facts they wish to show and, in most cases, will blur the backgrounds. This hack is quite common among YouTubers since they help them bring out important information.

Technically, this simple hack is the shallow depth of field. It would help if you had a prime or zoom lens to adjust these crucial settings. You can use a couple of lenses to maintain an exciting view for all to see, and the highly recommended ones are millimeter lenses.

Note that prime lenses are pretty affordable and readily available; hence newbies can get one for their work.

5.     Use Animated Graphics: 

For a successful YouTube career, it is crucial to understand that people are the key to making it. After all, the more the views, the more the fame and money. Some topics can be tiresome and hard to concentrate on, especially in the tech area. However, by including animated graphics to help you tell your details, you can maintain a large audience in your work.

6.     Make Your Videos As Long As Necessary: 

It is no secret that many marketing strategists suggest that YouTubers go for short videos to maintain their audience. Of course, going for quick and precise videos is a good idea, but it is a terrible idea in most cases.

People watch YouTube videos for educational purposes, entertainment, etc. If you are working on educative content, ensure that you offer what your target audience wants. Don’t go shooting brief videos that barely explain anything. Why? Because viewers will consider your content useless.

7. Learn Exemplary Editing Skills: 

We have a considerable share of YouTubers with mediocre devices but are doing great in their careers. The real deal in delivering the best video is suitable editing software.

Besides, it is impossible to shoot a flawless video. And in this situation, editing skills help you eliminate these flaws in no time. Technology has evolved, leading to the rise of many editing applications you can use. Some of them are free, and the user-friendly interface assists you in making great videos.

8. Make Eye Contact With The Viewers

Some YouTubers have more subscribers than others despite producing the same work. Have you ever wondered why such a situation exists? If yes, you probably have many things you can think about why there are such differences.

The number of people who watch your content depends on the emotional connection. You have a great video, a great caption, and people visit your channel. How do you make them stay? One of the simplest ways is making eye contact and ensuring that they feel part of your work.

The tips above explain what you need to keep in mind when you shoot a YouTube video and ensure that people love your work.


YouTube has not only changed the video creation process but also has changed the lives of its creators. And, it is a free video-sharing application that helps you share your ideas with the world. However, as a newbie who wishes to kick-start their YouTube career, there are many insecurities, especially on video shooting.

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