Are Gaming Laptops good for Video Editing?

If you have to do both gaming and video editing, you are probably wondering whether you will need to buy one laptop or two. Preferably, you would want to have one instead of two. But if you already have a gaming laptop, can you edit your videos on that?

You can run basic editing programs on a gaming laptop, provided it meets all the minimum video editing needs. When it comes to professional editing demands, gaming laptops fall short in their CPU functions. However, if you have a dedicated video editing laptop, you can use it for gaming easily.

If you own a gaming laptop, you don’t want to spend more, carry extra weight, and waste time hustling between the laptops. You will be happy if the gaming laptop does the job for you.

So it comes to the question, how good is a gaming laptop for video editing( inbound). For that, we need to dig deep.

Can you use a gaming laptop for video editing?

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It is no secret that both gaming and video editing are resource-hungry tasks. For example, some games, usually Nvidia’s high-end AAA games, use visual effects such as the RTX-powered ray tracing, which can stress your computer.

On the other hand, video editing includes a long list of different tasks that happen simultaneously. It can put serious pressure on various parts of the laptop, including the CPU.

So, if you will do more gaming than video editing, it is only wise that you settle for a gaming laptop. If you will carry out more video editing than gaming, it goes without saying that a video editing laptop is an ultimate choice.

However, if you share the time equally, you need to be careful when selecting the ideal laptop. After all, if one task is enough to stress a PC or laptop, one can only imagine the impact of two such functions. That’s why you need to choose one wisely. 

It would be best to consider the following factors to ensure that you take home a laptop ideal for gaming and video editing.

1.     CPU 

A gaming laptop suitable for video editing should be a multi-core processor, and the minimum should be a quad-coreHyperthreading is highly recommended to ensure that the CPU processes fast video editing tasks.

2.     GPU

When it concerns the graphics processing unit (GPU), what you settle for depends on how you intend to use the laptop. If you only need to do simple video editing while playing entry-level games, then a good GPU is enough.

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However, if you will be expecting more than that from your device, you better consider a dedicated graphics card.

3.     RAM

As for the memory, a gaming laptop dedicated with only that needs RAM of 16 GB. In most cases, that will also work with video editing just fine. However, if you want to edit various videos on the fly, settling for 32 GB or above will be better. It will ensure that you take a relatively short time to process multiple videos, which is good for professionals and the business.

4.     Storage

When gaming and video editing, often are times when you will max out the RAM. That’s where the storage factor comes in as it complements the computer’s memory if such a scenario occurs. To simplify video editing and make it convenient to start, stop, or change a game fast, SSD storage, preferably the PCIe, will do the trick.

5.     Monitor

Choosing a suitable monitor would mean that you don’t have to break the bank to own a great gaming laptop that comes in handy when video editing too. You will have to buy one with a low refresh rate screen. It will ensure that the games look smoother than they would be with a high refresh rate screen. 

As for the video editing tasks, you can rest assured that no difference is noticeable for a screen with a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz. Unless you will have to play or edit 4K videos, high resolution is also unnecessary. After all. It will cost you a lot of money and at the same time drain the battery life for no good reason.


How Gaming Laptops differ from Video Editing Laptops?

As much as gaming and video editing are similar in being computer resources intensive, one cannot deny that they are different. As far as gaming is concerned, graphics are essential. That doesn’t exclude the importance of low resolution, great CPU, ample memory, and storage. 

Nevertheless, the role of excellent graphics exceeds all of them. If you don’t choose the right one, you can say goodbye to great in-game visuals. It also means minimal features and a choppy frame, which sums up to a bad gaming experience. The CPU also plays a part, ensuring high frame rates and high resolution depending on the GPU.

On the other hand, video editing uses the CPU more than the GPU. The use of the latter in video editing include a 3D rendering and special effects. However, CPU will come in handy when doing playback functions, timeline skipping, pasting, and cutting.

Gaming LaptopVideo Editing Laptop
3D Graphics Are EssentialRealtime Preview is essential
GPU HeavyCPU Heavy
High Resolution and High Farme rate neededOffline edits are usually low resolution
Storage is not a big dealHigh speed storage disks needed
Only for Basic EditingCan handle Gaming easily

As for other requirements such as storage and memory, editing demands space depending on the edits’ length. Therefore, there are high chances that your already existing gaming laptop may be ideal for gaming.

But for editing, you can always connect to fast processing external hard disks.

However, if you buy a new one, it is wise to buy one ideal for both tasks other than buying either one designed for gaming only or video editing. That’s especially if you will need to stream or broadcast. 

As for the former, you will have to ensure that you play the game with fantastic visual settings and turn that into a video while uploading it in real-time. Under such circumstances, you can rest assured that the process will need more resources than when the situation was normal.

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Are Gaming Laptops Best for Photo Editing?

Usually, all gaming laptops meet the minimum requirements for photo editing. They are, in fact, much superior machines to handle photo editing. Even if you are doing high-resolution work, the gaming laptops can handle them with ease due to their Superior RAM. And GPU.

It is important to note that you need a laptop to run Lightroom and Photoshop for photo editing. However, that’s not the only thing that a photographer needs because of lenses, cameras, and other necessary accessories to get started. Therefore, one might find it hard not to compromise, especially when working with a tight budget. 

All it needs to have is some minimum requirements. As much as the recommended storage should be between 1 and 2 TB, a minimum of 500 GB SSD storage will work correctly. The RAM should be at least 12 GB, whereas the GPU should have 2 to 4 GB dedicated VRAM. 

As for the processor, one can choose between AMD Ryzen 3 3rd generation processor or higher or go for Intel core i5 or core i7 8th generation. The monitor size and resolution should be a minimum of 17 inches and 1920 x 1080 (FHD), respectively.

 Which is The Best Gaming Laptop?

One highly recommended gaming laptop is the Razer Blade 15 ( Check on Amazon). The brand is already renowned for its expertise in producing reliable gaming laptops. Nevertheless, this one, which is the latest as we write, is better than any of its predecessor. 

For example, it uses the RTX Super cards, which is the latest Nvidia graphics chip. Equally important, it also uses the new Intel 10th Gen CPU. In addition to that, its features include a 300Hz 1080p IPS screen, I TB SSD storage, 16 GB RAM that you can expand up to 64 TB, and a core i7 processor.

It is also lightweight with a weight of 5 pounds only, making it an ideal traveling companion. The performance is also commendable, and the same case applies to its battery life, which is about 5 hours. The variety of configurations, coupled with the stellar build quality, cannot be underestimated either.

Despite being one of the latest entry in the market, the gaming laptop has made a mark beyond any reasonable doubt.

Final Words

From the above discussion, it is possible to use a gaming laptop to do some video editing. Interestingly, as long as video editing doesn’t include special effects, a standard computer can work. However, it is rare to be doing editing without having the same.

If you already have a gaming laptop, as long as it has all the minimum video editing requirements, you can rest assured that it will do the trick. 

However, if you are buying a brand new one, consider buying one dedicated to video editing. If you want to do gaming and video editing, there’s no need to buy two laptops because it is possible to find one that can do both simultaneously and excellently.

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