Are Old VHS Camcorders Worth Anything?

If you are considering buying or selling a VHS camcorder, you probably have two questions: how much is the camera worth, and are old VHS camcorders worth anything? Here, we want to give you an honest answer. They might be the best in their class for a little while, but eventually, all technologies get replaced by something better, so what’s happening with camcorders today?

Is There A Market For Old Video Cameras

Are Old VHS Camcorders Worth Anything? 

To answer this question, you have to keep in mind its essential details to consider. Of course, they are the father of videographers; hence people are often keen on using the legendary VHS camcorders. But with time, modern cameras have upgraded multifold to make VHS camcorders look like fossils.

But, let’s understand some details about the VHS camcorders before concluding whether it is worth anything. 

The VHS Camcorder: The Best…Then

In 1983, JVC brought out the first consumer VHS (Video Home System) camcorders. They were heavy but worth it – they had a zoom lens, a viewfinder, and an LCD. The popularity of VHS camcorders took off. Everyone had to have one. The early models could only record for an hour or two, but they soon increased the film capacity and added other features.

The VHS camcorder got better and more advanced over timeIt features-

  • A VHS tape that records on the devices and can hold ninety minutes of recording. Note that most of the VHS camcorders available include similar functions. 
  • It has a flip-up color screen you can use to record your video and monitor it. 
  • A flip-up eyepiece is often present in black and white, and you can use it to record and watch the videos.  

Most of them include plastic construction material, and the battery has a short life; hence it isn’t something you can carry around as you travel. However, you can directly plug the power cord into the camera, which limits portability. 

It doesn’t include an external mic, but it still picks up a lot of noise. The VHS camcorder shoots by 4 by 3 map, which delivers unique videos. 

Are old VHS camcorders worth anything
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The VHS camera has a low-light setting that allows you to take videos even under a low-lighting set, making it a masterpiece in videography in those times. But with a contrasting lighting setting, the video can’t match up with a modern camera.

Note that using this camcorder requires an expert with the right skills. Suppose you are thinking of getting the old VHS camcorder and wondering if it is worth anything; check out the details above to understand it. An old VHS camcorder is an excellent option for individuals who love to experience new stuff. Still, for professionals, it would be best to maintain a modern camcorder for convenience and Excellency. 

Is There A Market For Old Video Cameras?

Over the years, video cameras have immensely improved as per their functions and features; hence people are keen on buying new devices as manufacturers launch them. This fact leaves us in the question of whether the old video cameras still have the market. Despite the many evolutions we come across; there is always a market for everything, including the old video cameras.

If you research the matter, you will realize that many people, especially videographers, are keen on collecting legendary cameras. With a bit of research, you will recognize that a considerable number of people are ready to spare a few dollars to improve their collection. The price is still low, but the prices have risen with the many people who want them over the last couple of years.

When selling an old video camera, ensure that you capture the attention of the right people. You can post details about your camera on social media to realize your target customers and then visit Amazon or eBay to set up the correct pricing.

Are old VHS camcorders worth anything?
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Can I Get Money For An Old Camcorder?

Old camcorders still have the market since many people are investing in their camcorders’ collection as they appreciate the many technological evolutions over the years. Therefore, you can always get something by selling the old camcorder. But if you think of using it to shoot professional videos, I doubt you will get anything.

Currently, some of the popular old camcorders can cost at most $75, which is a good amount considering you can barely use these camcorders for professional videography. Note that the other old camcorders can sell as low as $20. Visit the eBay website and understand the Worth of your old camcorder before identifying the right price.

From the details above, you realize that you can make a few dollars with an old camcorder, but you must have more devices to sell if you want more money. 


What Camcorders Were Used In The 90s?

In the 1990s, people didn’t just record home videos with their camcorders. They also used them for a variety of other purposes. For instance, they recorded family events and sports matches. They even made videos to promote their businesses.

They were the fathers of modern video cameras. These services may not suppose the functionality and convenience of the current video cameras, but their role in modern cameras’ development is enormous. This sector will highlight some of the popular camcorders that were quite popular in the 90s.

VHS camcorder:

 Most of the old popular camcorders rose to fame in the 90s, including the VHS camcorders. These cameras were quite popular since their functionality was a bit better than the other options. Parents in the old days often used these consumer-based cameras to record some of the most memorable days in their lives. The construction material is plastic which is a bit lacking compared to the modern options. Additionally, its short battery life is terrible, reducing its portability.

Hi8 Cameras: 

These cameras are pretty rare; hence it is hard to come across them. Many people believe that they have issues that make them less reliable compared to modern cameras. However, it includes multiple features that professionals can analyze to understand.


With time, the videography department has taken many tactical turns leading to the multiple excellent video cameras we have today. However, many people are still in awe of the famous old camcorders. So do they Worth Anything? After getting to know about them, I leave it to your discretion.

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