Are YouTubers Considered Celebrities?

We all know that YouTube is a huge part of the internet now, and it’s changed our lives in so many ways. It dates back over a decade ago where it debuted as an online video-sharing platform where people can share videos about various topics. 

Are you a Youtuber or a fan of YouTube? If yes, you can attest that it is a platform to view videos from different countries globally. However, as YouTube continues to gain more popularity, many questions arise, especially about the Youtubers? 

One of the main questions is whether YouTubers are celebrities? Yes, Popular YouTubers are considered celebrities. Some of the more popular YouTubers on YouTube, such as Ryan Kaji, PewDiePie, and Logan Paul, have greater than 10 million subscribers.

But, when it comes to all YouTubers, it is no secret that there are different opinions on the matter. If you’re interested in finding out more about how Youtubers are classified in our society today, then take a look at this article!

Who Is A Celebrity?

Many of us can agree that asking this question leads us to question who a celebrity is and the qualifications that a celebrity must meet. The dictionary defines a celebrity as a famous individual, especially in sports or the entertainment industry. Also, we can define it as a state of people knowing who you are by recognizing your work.

Can The Celebrity Definition Describe A Youtuber You Know?

From the definition, you can easily conclude whether a Youtuber is a celebrity. Generally, YouTubers are entertainers. Think about it in the sense of why you follow a certain YouTube channel? What attracts you to some channels that you can’t miss any of their videos?

Also, how many followers does your favorite Youtuber have? If you look at it in that way, you realize that Youtubers matches the general meaning of a celebrity, explaining why fans often refer to them as their idols.

Are Youtubers considered celebrities

Therefore, since Youtubers are entertainers and have a large fan base, some of them with millions of subscribers, we can conclude that it’s okay to refer to them as celebrities.

But the word “Celebrity” is void in the sense that it doesn’t feel right and in most cases, people don’t refer to Youtubers as celebrities.

The fact that more people refer to their favorite music artist than a Youtube star leaves us wondering if creating a new word is the best way to solve this issue.  It means inventing one term that can refer to all people who have internet fame. However, we all come across Youtubers who work as influencers.

Can You Term Every Youtuber As An Influencer?

The word “influencer” has a lot of connotations. While some people make content that promotes products on YouTube, the meaning of this word is less than clear when it comes to every YouTuber. Some don’t create content only to promote products or be an influencer.

But it is possible to term a Popular YouTuber in a particular niche that has brands chasing it as an “influencer.” YouTube has transformed into an influential platform for many brands that aim to increase their reach among audiences by utilizing this resource with influencers. Influencers have an impact in creating brand awareness through social media interactions, online reviews, and recommendations.

How Many Subscribers Are Considered To Be A Celebrity?

The number of the subscriber depends on one the niche, its target audience, and the virality of the content. 

Generally, many people don’t care about the subscribers as long as a Youtuber has good content. However, it’s no secret that one thing that can sell a channel is the number of subscribers. It is due to the misconception that a channel with lots of subscribers must have good content. Unfortunately, a channel with many subscribers has content that is not up to the mark.

Are Youtubers considered celebrities

But Youtube rewards YouTubers for achieving particular feats. Like, if you hit the 100k mark, you get the Silver Creator Award. At the 1-million mark and 10-million mark, you will receive the gold creator award and the Diamond award, respectively. 

But YouTube rewards the creators for the content, but it also becomes a benchmark for acquiring subscribers. So, you can conclude that anyone who hits the subscriber numbers above the 100K mark is an internet celebrity.  Additionally, most of the famous Youtubers are under the three creator awards’ ranking. 

However, please note that this question is impossible to directly answer since people have different ways to define a celebrity. In that case, you can put up personal considerations before ranking an individual a YouTube celebrity.

 Are YouTubers Rich Like Celebrities?

It is a bit tricky to respond to since it depends on the project a Youtuber or a celebrity is part of so that you can compare their income. Generally, earning on YouTube depends on your videos’ views and the time people spend watching your content.

 As a result, some individuals make a tiny amount of money while others earn a lot. Additionally, YouTubers are becoming popular influencers that brands use to encourage more people to visit their channel, adding to their income.

In conclusion, we can attest that the money celebrities and Youtubers make depend on the projects they take work on in their careers. However, a celebrity’s monthly income is more stable compared to a Youtuber. On the other hand, a star has a more stable income since they deal with new projects and contracts that often result in a tremendous amount of money.

Are YouTubers More Famous Than Celebrities?

 Since some celebrities surpass Youtubers and vice versa is also true. We have celebrities with a huge fan base, and we also have Youtubers with a large fan base.

Some YouTubers have more exposure globally than some celebrities, especially since the latter tend to gather local fame. However, YouTube offers YouTubers a chance to shine to the world. How is that? It provides a global platform where you can share your content, and everybody globally who has an internet connection can view your work.

In conclusion, some YouTubers are more famous than some celebrities, and its vice-versa is also true.


Youtubers are officially considered celebrities, but there is no strict definition for what makes someone a celebrity. Our society has created a specific sort of celebrity–the internet sensation–based on the individual’s content and their ability to produce monetizable content.

In the case of YouTube, Youtubers have found their fame through self-promotion in videos and their willingness to work with brands. However, this is not a definitive list of criteria that determines who is a celebrity, so while these creators hold some status in our society (whether they like it or not), they are not classified as celebrities outright because the term itself lacks specificity.

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