Best YouTube Video Length? Is 10 Minutes Enough For Monetization?

How long should be your YouTube video? Most of the newbie YouTubers are confused about the best length of their video. And, it is necessary to understand the duration of your video because Video length does matter. So, How does one find out?

In the last few years, it has become a trend to make YouTube videos longer. And the most obvious reason is the increased viewing time. Because watch time is a significant factor in ranking videos, YouTubers make videos longer. Another way to get better on YouTube is audience retention. 

How Long Should Be Your YouTube Video? 

The best length for any YouTube video is based on topic, channel type, audience age, geographical location, language, etc. Therefore, a suitable video duration will vary for each topic, for each niche, for every audience type, and so on. 

Also, Each viewer watches the video with a different intention. Some want a quick answer, and some want a detailed response. 

How long should a Youtube video last

Each viewer watches the video with a different intention. Some want a quick fix, and some want a detailed explanation. If a person wants to learn how to wear a tie, he will not watch 9 to 10-minute videos because he needs a quick answer. In such a situation, that person may watch a video for a couple of minutes. Similarly, if a person wants to learn how to repair or make something, he will watch a 10-minute video and not a 2-minute one. 

An example of this is repairing a leaking faucet; a person would probably watch a video of 5 to 10 minutes. Similarly, an installation video or an option trading tutorial may demand a 30-minute video. So the length of the video depends on the topic of the video.

How To Find The Suitable Video Duration on Your Topic ?

Suppose you want to find out the suitable length of topic on a comparative study between a mobile camera and DSLR camera. So your search term can be – “mobile camera vs. DSLR” on YouTube.

How long should a YouTube video last

Now on the first comes a 6-minute video that has been viewed by 1.9 million people in 2 years; on the second comes a 9-minute video that is considered by 78k people; on the 4th comes to a 9-month-old video that has 341k views. Now the first two videos are in Hindi, and the 4th video is in English. The keyword is searched more in India, and the Hindi videos are longer than English videos from a geographic perspective. That’s why fewer people saw the second video but watched it for a long time.

So, a video with 78K views ranked above a video with 341K views. According to YouTube, people liked the second video more because it answered their questions. Here, the length does not affect ranking because a 6-minute video ranks at 1, a 9 minute at 2nd, and 14 odd minutes at 4th. But you can average the top four videos to 10 min 40 sec approx. So you can cay the average suitable time of this topic should be between 10 to 11 minutes.


Does YouTube Video Length Really Matter?

Indeed, it is not always about the length of the video but the retention time that keeps the audience engaged. 

It doesn’t matter if you make a 30-minute video if you can’t keep the audience engaged for even 15 minutes. It’s like you make a long video and discuss the entire universe but address the title in the last 2 minutes. Most of the time, people would move on to other videos or won’t stay even for 50% of the timeline. 

So, length is essential, but the video should contain enough quality, worth the attention. Coming to the question, Sean Cannel says, “Keep the video as long as necessary but as short as possible.” 


What Is The Best Length For A YouTube Video?

Are the 6 to 8 minutes videos are ideal? Do people like them more? If a viewer finds a video attractive, he is more likely to watch it entirely even though it is long. Meanwhile, it doesn’t engage the viewer; he is more likely to divert to another video.

Some studies consider the 6 to 8 minutes duration ideal for YouTube videos. But, the answer is simple “what interests the viewer is what makes him stick to the video.” The more viewers tend to stick to your video, the greater the possibility to rank higher. 

However, just because 6 to 8 minutes is the ideal length, don’t shorten your content. There’s a better solution to it. Some topics may require an explanation of 15 minutes or more. In such a situation, you may divide your content into parts. Because 6 to 8 minutes is the time where an impatient spell drops on the viewer, and he wants to see something else. 

So if he sees a video with 20 minutes duration and is impatient at 8 minutes and finds something interesting in the recommended, you lose the viewer. Meanwhile, if you direct the viewer by making three parts of 6 minutes, he will stay at least two videos. 


Why Should YouTube Videos Be 10 Minutes?

According to YouTube’s latest policy, making a 10 minutes video isn’t mandatory to be eligible for mid-roll ads. Now, creators can add mid-roll ads in videos of at least 8 minutes. It allows the creators to earn more money by providing quality in less time. It also eases the pressure of lengthening the video to 10 minutes for more ads. Earlier, YouTube made mid-roll ads placement to creators if the duration of the video is 10 minutes or more. Now, with the update in policy, it’s just 8 minutes!

But why do YouTubers mostly make 10-minute videos? The simple answer is “YouTube rating.” YouTube uses view duration to rank videos. So a video that is being viewed more for a longer time will remain up. YouTube aims to show the best content to the viewers. In easy words, the content that engages for a longer duration tends to be ranked above.

Secondly, YouTube videos that long have more chances of advertising. More advertising means more monetized money. Shorter videos are less likely to drive more advertisement.

The third thing is, if your audience trusts you, they stay engaged in your videos even if they are long. And this type of viewer often shows interest in more of your content. Due to which your view duration stats increases. And YouTube understands that “Oh! The videos of this channel are amazing and people like it”, I should rank it higher. It improves your ranking.

What Happens If A YouTube Video Is Over 10 Minutes?

The longer the video, the more the volume is there for possible advertisements. The bigger the capacity, YouTube can embed more advertisements. The number of ads is directly proportional to revenue. Previously, the video had to be of at least 10 minutes to be eligible for mid-roll advertisement placements. But, now an 8 minute allows the creator to place ads in his videos.


Does YouTube Video Length Affect Monetization

Currently, YouTube has not set any such minimum requirement. Whether the video is 1 minute or 1 hour, the channel needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours to monetize. As long as these requirements are satisfied, your videos are eligible to get monetized. However, a video needs to be of minimum length to enable certain types of advertisements.

The length of the YouTube video makes a difference in the ranking but doesn’t affect monetization. Only videos of 8 minutes or above can have mid-roll ads between them, and the creator is free to place it according to him. There’s a twist in how these things actually work.

To consider a video good, the viewer must watch your video 70% of the total video. But a video isn’t good if people leave your video in 2 minutes. View durations are like auditors of the video, who report to the YouTube algorithm. So an excellent report means higher ranking and vice versa.


Minimum Video Length For YouTube Ads

There’s no minimum video length for monetization. But, a video must be of at least 6 seconds for getting advertisements and 12 seconds for getting short skippable advertisements.

You need a minimum of 15 seconds length for a non-skippable advertisement. And, a video needs to be of at least 6 minutes to enable a skippable ad of 60 seconds on YouTube Kids.

However, such numbers aren’t disclosed or specified by YouTube. But, logically, we can figure out the minimum length. The only thing that affects your ranking regardless of video length is “higher retention.”

Creating short videos doesn’t enable you to place an advertisement on your video. The decision is in the hands of YouTube to place an ad anywhere. But, if your content is more than 8 minutes (latest policy), you can put as many ads anywhere you want in the video.

Creators making videos of more than 8 minutes must place their content above the number of ads placed in it. YouTube does enable creators to place ads but placing more than three ads might ruin viewer’s interest.

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