Do YouTubers Use Their Real Names?

Are you curious about the usernames of prominent YouTubers? Whether or not they use their real names, and if so, what name(s) they go by? If you were interested in this for a long time and wanted to find out. Curious to know what we found out?! Well, keep reading to find out!

Do YouTubers use their real names? There is a considerable share of internet celebrities who own brands under their real names. James Charles, Casey Neistat, David Dobrik, and Philip DeFranco are the most successful YouTubers whose brands’ names are their real names. They have billions of views and millions of subscribers on their channel. From this data, we can confirm that YouTubers use their real names.

Do Most YouTubers Really Use Their Real Names?

For a successful career in YouTube, there are many things a content creator must keep in mind. Watchers often think that getting people to love your content is easy, but it requires the YouTuber to put much thought into everything they do, including a simple thing as naming their channel.

Do YouTubers use their real names

Just think of your favorite YouTuber; what name do they use? Is their brand name their real name? With these thoughts, you probably understand how critical a brand name is to every YouTuber. So, do most YouTubers use their real names? 

An interesting thing to note is that most of the biggest channels available use stage names, for example, PewDiePie, Mr. Beast, Liza Koshy, Jeffree Star, and many more. These channels represent many popular YouTubers who chose the best stage names for their brand and have worked hard over the years to sell their brand. 

Despite using fake names, their channels are doing wonders, aiding them to join the most popular YouTubers’ list globally. The YouTube community is famous for its sense of freedom to its content writers. And this fact is the reason why it has dominated the video-sharing sector for decades. 

It gives artists a sense of satisfaction by making some of the most crucial decisions about their channels, including their name. As a result, they can comfortably give their brand any representation, whether actual or fake, depending on their preferences and taste. 

Is It Safe To Use Your Real Name On YouTube?

Many YouTubers often face multiple struggles when choosing the channel’s name since it is critical to keep some details in mind. However, it is common to come across security issues concerning the names content creators use on YouTube. Experts often address this major issue, explaining facts about using a real name on YouTube. So, is it safe to use your actual name on YouTube? 

Yes! It is safe to use your real name on YouTube. There are many famous internet celebrities currently who use their real names. Many people often think that you need to use a stage name to guarantee your security. But that is not the case. Therefore, if your real name is as unique as possible to fit your brand name, then you can work with it.

Note that the internet often poses security threats such as stalking or underage; hence, some internet celebrities settle for stage names. Besides, some people will go for stage names since their names don’t sound as unique as they would like to act as their stage names. 

Do YouTubers use their real names?

In other words, the question of the proper name to use has everything to do with choice. Every YouTuber has the right o choose their stage name, whether it is their actual name or a fake name.

Should I Use My Real Name On The YouTube Channel?

From the details above, you should realize that most of the things you should consider when creating a YouTube channel have everything to do with choice. The video-sharing application offers content creators the freedom to make almost all of the crucial details about their channel. So, suppose you are a content creator using YouTube or wish to create your channel, you probably understand how vital it is to develop the right stage name, whether it is your name or a stage name.

How powerful is your name? Is your name unique? Do you wish to create a brand under your real name? Also, how comfortable are you with people knowing your real names? If your real name matches all these qualifications and you have nothing to hide, then using your real name on YouTube is a great choice

However, not everyone is comfortable with people realizing their true identity, especially individuals who don’t reveal their faces. If you match this category, then a stage name is an excellent option. Furthermore, we have many successful YouTubers using fake names, including the famous YouTuber, PewDiePie.

 Individuals who wish to use a fake name must pay attention to developing a unique name that represents their brand and what they aim to achieve via their channel. Why? Because a name plays a crucial role in selling your brand. 

In conclusion, whether you choose a real name or a fake name, you will have to consider all the details above before making your decision. Besides, despite a YouTube channel’s name playing a crucial role in the success of a channel, there is other more significant information you must pay attention to when working on your channel.

Reasons For Using Real Names

As mentioned above, it is clear that most of the decisions a content writer makes, especially concerning the name of a YouTube channel, have everything to do with preference and taste. Some people may choose to use their real names, while others may opt for fake names. This section will cover some reasons why some content creators may opt for real names instead of fake names. Read on!

  • To Connect With Your Fans

From a survey report from YouTube fans, we can conclude that people are more comfortable with individuals who use their real names. Why? Because it has a sense of security and watchers can analyze an individual. Besides, people tend to view you like one of them instead of a stranger with a real name. Recent research on most YouTube channels that use their real names shows that the watchers are more engaged with the YouTuber. 

  • Build A Unique Online Profile

Some individuals wish to work as brand ambassadors for a long time and use their influence online to sell products. As mentioned below, if you choose to use your real name, then it must be unique. In that case, many people can opt to use their real name so that they can quickly get in touch with you every time an individual searches your name online. Note that there are many considerations to make before settling for your actual name as the brand name.

Is YouTubing a good career?
  • Create A Permanent Online Brand

YouTube has no secret dominated the world of video sharing since it is the most significant and most-used video-sharing app online. However, the future is uncertain, and no one can tell what the future holds. That is if YouTube will still have a chance as technological applications frequently change with many evolutions. Therefore, it is crucial always to make preparations if ever YouTube faces any crisis. This fact explains the importance of a great YouTube name. People who choose to use their real names are easy to find in case of anything. Why? Because every time you search them online, you will get their accurate information. 

  • To Jump-Start Your Career 

Suppose you go through most of the YouTube videos available online; you realize that it is a home for everyone, professionals, newbies, and different talents. It is a place where everyone has the chance to do whatever they want and express their capabilities. In some cases, we can view videos of different career ventures like cooking, dancing, singing, etc. Note that you can create your career portfolio with a YouTube channel by taking up various jobs in your career and showing your capabilities. It allows you to sell your skills, and you may end up receiving an invite to different companies in your field. And with a real name, it is easier to contact you, and people find it easy to trust you.

  • Build-Up Trust With The Fans

People find it easier to trust individuals using a real name like James Charles rather than a stage name like Nibro8967. Why? Because it shows your watchers that you are ready to trust them with your identity. As a result, most of the YouTubers who use their real names target their audience’s trust so that they can create a friendlier environment for all.

Why Do YouTubers Use Fake Names?

A considerable share of YouTubers use stage names, PewDiePie, Mr. Beast, and many more. So why do they use fake names? Most internet celebrities who use fake names opt for these names to create a sense of uniqueness as they build their brand, especially if their real names are pretty common. 

When you search online, you will realize that fake names are unique compared to real names. Why? Because we often come across several people with who we share our real names, and in some cases, you may share both your first name and surname. These forms of coincidences are what drives YouTubers to choose to go with a fake name since all you need is intensive research to figure out if the name is available online.

Reasons For Using Fake Names

In YouTube, there is a sense of freedom where content creators have the power to determine the name they use. A recent report shows that many people are using real names, and the vice-versa is also true. From the details above, we have analyzed reasons for using a real name. Like real names, there are a couple of reasons that can drive online celebrities to use fake names. They include:

  • Security Reasons

Online platforms are not the safest places to explore, especially if you are a regular. Why? Because there are all kinds of threats online, such as bullying, stocking, threats, and many more. And the scariest thing is that you have no idea who is posing these security threats. As a result, many people opt to use fake names to make it hard to conclude their real identity.

  • Hide Their Real Identity

There are many reasons why anyone would choose not to reveal their actual identity. But the main reason is that they may not be comfortable with sharing their authentic selves. And it is okay to do that. Therefore, a stage name would do the trick.

  • Fake Names Are Often Very Unique

Sometimes the reason why you chose a fake name is that your real name isn’t that unique. So, you can settle for unique stage names that help fans to identify you quickly.

Is It Illegal To Use Fake Names For YouTube? 

No. it is legal to use a fake name for YouTube. You have the right to make up your username on this platform to create a unique name for your brand. Besides, you don’t sign up for this platform under oath; hence it is impossible to have any legal issues.

Real Names Of Top YouTubers Who Use Fake Names

Here are some of the top YouTubers who use fake names. 

Fake names of YouTubersReal names of YouTubers
PewDiePieFelix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg
Jeffree StarJeffrey Lynn Steininger
FaZe RugBrian Rafat Awadis
Mr. BeastJimmy Donaldson
FaZe BanksRichard Bengston
HolaSoyGermanGerman Alejandro Garmendia Aranis
ElrubiusOMGRuben Doblas Gundersen
Liza KoshyElizabeth Shaila Koshy
ZoellaZoe Elizabeth Sugg
MarkiplierMark Edward Fischbach
JacksepticeyeSean William McLoughlin
PokimaneImane Anys
DanTDMDaniel Robert Middleton
LazarBeamLannan Neville Eacott
NinjaRichard Tyler Blevins


One of the most common issues we come across about running a YouTube channel is to create their username. This article explains the two sides of having your username on YouTube as a real or fake name, depending on your preferences. It analyzes the two sides of this issue, explaining why internet celebrities may choose real names or fake names.

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