10 Inspirational Short Films for Students

Everyone seeks motivation/inspiration at some point in life. We are humans & we can’t remain 100 % positive all the time maybe because life doesn’t take us in the way we want it to go. Every year most of the students plan their yearly goals, action list, planning maps, etc. However, most of them fall half the way through. Getting demotivated is easy over getting inspired.

So students, if struggling to achieve what you want, inspirational stories are what you should look for to get your mojo back. Below, we list 10 inspirational short films to boost your energy back. These stories will surely get you back on your toes to face the world again. So let’s get started!


Not able to walk due to poor coordination, weak or stiff muscle is something no one wants to go through. However, children facing Cerebral Palsy aren’t able to walk or run like healthy kids. How it might feel to wake one day in pain, holding your legs & when you are back from the hospital, the news is terrible. Being a cerebral palsy person is miserable. It is what you feel, but they don’t.

The film talks about a young boy, Matt who suffers from cerebral palsy.  He dreams of running like a normal kid. However, the chief coach doesn’t allow him to because of his condition. Matt challenges the head coach of completing 400 m within 5 minutes. A milestone for which he starts training. Will Matt complete his challenge? Can he surpass his limits?



Piper is a great inspirational piece of animated short. It is about a little sandpiper who is hungry but fearful to tread into the sea to get its food. The fear was instilled due to a terrifying past incident where is almost got drowned.

Somehow, a hermit crab paves the way tobeat the waves. It drives the baby to uncover life beyond fear which is evenmore beautiful than the present.


When it comes to Short Films, Omeleto is one of a popular youtube channel. Omeleto consists of only AWARD-winning short films.

All The Pain in the world is a story of an older man trying to save a fish. A fish which didn’t have any relation to the man but still he does everything possible to save her. Can he make it? Will he be able to keep the fish fighting all the odds?


Paper Boy is a job which students do for extra money. Throwing newspaper at subscriber’s home every morning is their daily work. Their wages are pretty low, but that’s what they can get out of the job. But what if some unknown entity starts donating a few bucks every day? Even the paperboy gets pretty confused by the daily act.

This film has two parts. The first part teaches you to share & the second one shows generosity & jealousy can’t be mixed — a hilarious movie with not much words or dialogues.


IDENTITY is a 5-minute short film that is very interesting — great cinematography & concept. Every human has four masks, for family,

friends, strangers & themselves. Humankind is full of fake people where we change the cover as per situations. In the world where everyone is wearing a mask to hide their identity, one girl dares to find her pure form. Can she pull off her mask & enlighten others too?

Plato’s Allegory of the cave is another theory for the same (included in the movie)


The most potent & necessary weapon a human can have is “Confidence.” Today, students are on such an edge of a precipice that issues such as low confidence & punctured self-esteem are bound to mushroom inside their head.

You should remember, it is not about losing or winning; it is about building the confidence that makes you take on the world. It is a great property to own in the long haul. Confidence makes you see beyond your failures and builds your self-belief like a solid wall. It is infectious and gives positivity and hope to everything you undertake.

In this film, there’s a boy who accidentally runs into trouble & is fined by the police. There’s a very famous defense lawyer “Paul” who takes cases of innocent people in crisis. However, there’s one thing he likes the most, confidence. Can a helpless boy get help from Paul? Will he show enough confidence? Or faces the consequences?  Watch it. 


Everyone wants to become rich, but what does being rich means? “Give” is a short film which makes you understand, being rich doesn’t mean how much you have, it means how much you give! An emotional movie of father’s love & legacy he created for his son.

The story starts with a boy who never liked his father & was always embarrassed because of him. He only had one dream, to be rich & earn more than his father. At last, he achieves his dream but loses his father. After losing his father, he discovers the things his father did & his all-mighty legacy. Inevitably, a must-see 6 min 40-sec film.


HOPE is the light when you are in the dark.  No matter the extent of trying times, it can only be overcome if you cling on to hope. Wishing to beat cancer is hope. A person stuck on an island desiring to be saved with his hope. Remember the Tom Hanks movie – Castaway. Hope is the fuel of life!

The film depicts a situation where two friends run out of fuel between nowhere. One tries to seek help in the hope of a lift. Another guy gives up because the road isn’t visited for years. Who’s right? Is keeping hope better than sitting idle?



Talent comes inborn, but to succeed, a person needs dedication. It’s pretty hard to stay dedicated unless being deadly serious. Power comes in response to need; you need to create that need. That need can make you dedicated. The film focuses on a writer who faces continuous failures. Her friend advises her to give up. So will she give up? Or continue with the good work she has been? Can a person achieve things with consistency?


Let it be a student or working; everyone hates Mondays because the work week starts from it. It means no break for the next 4-5 days. This short film tells us about a routine guy. He wakes on Monday, sad as usual, freshens up to get ready for the office. A typical Monday, he thinks to buy a pet. Things take a turn when his pet dies. Another week, Monday arrives. He is sitting at the bus stop, sad, but then he sees a blind person. Apart from the dreary day, he still feels happy because he has got eyes to see the world. So it’s important to be satisfied with whatever things we have. Be thankful to God for having what other’s don’t have. Practice Gratitude!


These were a few of the inspirational short films for students of allage. Hope you got some motivation out of the films. One last thing to mention“If you are defeated before you fight, the results will be the same, no matter how often you try!”. All the best.

Feature image – Cameron Covell

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