Is Youtubing A Good Career?

Is Youtubing a good career? Many bloggers have tried covering this area to their level best to give reliable answers to their readers. However, this article will provide a conclusive summary of Youtubing as a career. It will reference factual data on the same. Read on!

Can You Make Youtube A Career? 

The popularity of YouTubing is increasing with time as people use YouTube, a video-sharing app, to learn, enjoy and create content and share it with the world. Generally, we have started seeing some of our known ones vlogging or creating content on YouTube and proudly call themselves Youtubers. Not only are they Youtubing, but they are also quitting their present jobs and instead choosing YouTubing as a career. 

Is YouTubing a good career?

With the ‘increased number of YouTubers and YouTube fans, there are many questions that often arise. One of the most common questions you will come across is – Is Youtubing a promising career? 

If you can build your audience, serve them with great content consistently, adopt SEO strategies, monetize your channel well, adhere to its terms and conditions, cushion your business risks due to algorithm changes, and treat it as a pure business by continuously interacting with your audience, In that case, YouTube can be a fascinating career.

Youtubing is among the top internet jobs you can take up due to its flexibility, allowing you to work as per your schedule. Besides having fun creating unique content, you can make money via YouTube, depending on your followers and number of views. Besides you can do it simultaneously while you are in a job somewhere. As a content creator, how you want to run your channel will determine if you do it for fun or as a career.

Is It A Hobby Or A Career?

Usually, most YouTubers kicked off their channels to share their ideas with the world. In other words, it started as a hobby. However, there is another group of people who create content to earn money. It is not a bad idea since you can use your creativity to cater to your bills.

The question of whether YouTubing is a hobby or a career solely depends on YouTubers since they understand their reason for starting a YouTube channel. However, note that you can create a channel as a hobby and still make it your career. 

Suppose the content you create includes things you enjoy; the probability of keeping up with the channel is high since you are enjoying your work.

Note that every YouTuber must focus on content making despite whether the channel is your full-time or part-time job. Why? Because Content is King. Whether an individual watches your video depends on your topics and the areas you decide to cover. Also, ensure that your videos are of excellent quality.

But if you want to still look at it as a career, you should seriously weigh its pros and cons.

Is YouTubing a good career?

Pros And Cons Of A Youtube Career

We often come across many YouTubers making millions and creating their brand via YouTube. But, there is no good thing without its flaws. As a result, this sector will cover the pros and cons of YouTube’s career. Check them out!


  • It is a Fulfilling Experience: Suppose you are a Youtuber, you create content for the world to see, and it is something you can be proud of as an individual. 
  • Improves your Creativity: In YouTube, content is everything. It depicts the number of views you can get from an upload and those willing to follow you for more. Therefore, creativity is often something YouTubers pay attention to when making videos.
  • It is a Source of Income: The amount of money you can earn from a channel depends on how hard you work and the content you create. 
  • Flexibility: What makes online jobs the best source of income for you is their flexibility. For instance, as a Youtuber, you can create content at any time, depending on the most convenient time in your schedule.
  • You can Cultivate your Popularity: Fame may be tiring, but it comes with advantages such as endorsements and sponsorships. 
  • Offers Self Employment: YouTube affords you the freedom to work. Youare your own boss: no office pressure, no office politics, and no stressful work hours. 
  • Launchpad for Bigger Things: YouTube has made not only many millionaires but also triggered successful start-ups. You never know; with YouTube, you can kickstart a new Google or an Uber.


  • You have to work hard to make money: The amount of money you earn depends on the content you create. Naturally, some areas are simpler to cover than others. Hence you may have to work very hard.
  • Developing a YouTube channel is challenging since it requires you to input time, creativity and resources. Also, as your channel grows, you will have to work harder than before.
  • Creating content is Tiring: YouTube requires you to be creative and original all the time. It is tiring to be consistent. Most people lose interest very soon as it takes a long time to get the views to grow. 
  • You will face Hate and Trolls: We have many internet bullies who find pleasure in trolling others. Therefore, ensure you are emotionally stable to deal with these issues.
  • No Guarantee of Success: After investing a substantial amount of time, you may not attain the kind of views, subscribers, or any sustained income. It may be dues to your selection, quality of content, or poor selection of keywords. 
  • Inconsistent Income: The income through YouTube depends on advertisements. The ad rates can drop over time, or an algorithm is not putting your videos in front of your subscribers. It can seriously cause a significant drop in your income.
  • It is not your Business: Your content is governed by YouTube. So, you have to follow their rules and regulations. It can create some red flags and block your channel. Your entire years of hard work and content will just vanish in a snap. 
  • Longevity: Canyou treat it as a long-term business. What if, like, AOL, Orkut, or Yahoo, YouTube too, perishes.So, after weighing all the ifs and buts, you may have concluded whether YouTubing is a promising career or not. This is what we have to say –

Can YouTube be Considered A Good Career?

Like any online platform, it is no secret; YouTube business can be inconsistent since it is prone to changes. You wake up one day, and things are not the same. Generally, YouTube has dominated the video-sharing sector for years. However, we can’t rule out that it is possible to dethrone it. The process may be complex, but it is still possible. 

Becoming a full-time YouTuber with no other sources of income isn’t a good idea. Why? In most cases, a YouTuber’s morale to make videos often decreases with time since they will find it tiring and boring. Also, subscribers may lose interest in different topics with time; hence, you find that the views decrease.

Many experts compare Youtubing as a career in pro-athletics; you follow it for a few years but later retire to do something elseYou need to diversify later.

However, there are prominent YouTubers who make a lot of money via YouTube. They may choose to only work on their channels with frequent uploads daily. But, for financial security, it is advisable not to quit other jobs. Note that you can use YouTube to create your brand. As a result, if YouTube fails, you can gather your following to sell various services. 

Is YouTubing a good career?

Additionally, building a career in YouTube is a big deal. Getting people to follow your channel and view your content is challenging, explaining why many experts label it a perfect place for a few lucky, talented individuals. In most cases, it works best for people who know how to market themselves or individuals who already have an existing fan base.

Generally, despite how vulnerable Youtubing is as a career, there are still many people who have managed to turn it into their sole money maker. It may not be the best idea, but you must keep in mind some factors such as daily uploads, creative content making, and saving up for the future.

Do YouTubers Make A Lot Of Money?

Many people have started YouTube channels to make money, considering the high rate of unemployment globally. Some prominent YouTubers make a lot of money, while a significant number of them don’t earn much from their channels.

The amount of money you can earn from a YouTube channel depends on various factors. You make your revenue or CPM (Cost per 1000 views) depending on some factors. They include:

  • The number of views an upload achieves: The number of people who view your content will determine your revenue. However, it depends on the number of ads you have and how long the viewers watch these ads.
  • Your audience: The CPM varies depending on the viewers’ nationality. For instance, the CPM in the best English countries is higher than in other countries.
  • Ads and their keywords: Different ads feature different prices. For instance, ads on online businesses and digital marketing have a high CPM. 

Note that there are many ways that YouTubers earn money, including the Super Chat feature, promoting various products, google AdSense, merchandise, promotions, and affiliate marketing. 

Is YouTubing a good career?

As a result, it is vital to realize that the amount of money you can make via your YouTube channel depends on the factors above; hence pay more attention to these details.

Is Youtube’s Career Viable For The Long Term?

You can choose to create content for a living, but there are many issues that you may face. For instance, the internet is no secret a place that changes every day. Not to mention, we have seen sites rise and fall. 

Therefore, despite how popular YouTube is and its dominance in the video-sharing sector, the future is uncertain. Experts advise YouTubers to invest more and create a brand that doesn’t necessarily depend on YouTube to survive future problems. 

How Much Does An Average Youtuber Make In A Year?

YouTubers make different amount of money depending on the number of views one receive in their channel. Currently, we have channels receiving millions of views, and we also have others with less than one thousand views. 

An average Youtuber will have 10,000 views, which results in an estimated income of $100 monthly. Annually, it estimates to at least $1200 on monetized video views. Additionally, ads may lead to an increase in this amount. On average, an ad click may get you $0.45. 

Note that advertisements relating to digital marketing pay more. The average amount of money a Youtuber can make in a year is $3000. 

Should You Youtube In Your Native Language:

Generally, it is okay to create videos using your native language. However, before choosing the language to use in your channel, there are some considerations you must keep in mind. Making videos using your native language is easy and fun since you don’t have to strain while speaking the language. But, there are disadvantages to using your mother tongue.

For instance, if you make a video using the Mixtec language since you come from Mexico, the number of people who can view your content is less than what you would get at the international level. 

Also, the content you are creating and your target audience can determine the language you will use. For instance, if you are advertising the best Indian movies, your target audience is the Indian people; hence, Hindi will not cause any harm. Experts recommend YouTubers to use English mostly because it is a language that many people can understand; thus, your content can reach international levels. 

You can choose to use your native language if you don’t know English and then add English subtitles to make it possible for international fans to understand your content. This method may not be comfortable for a considerable number of people. However, content is king; hence as long as your content is excellent, people will watch it via subtitles. 

FAQs about Youtubing:

How do you earn money via YouTube?

There are several ways you can earn money via YouTube. However, it mainly depends on the cost per view of your content and the advertisements. Note that you can collaborate with companies to promote products or use other YouTube features like Merchandise, Super Chat, etc.

Is YouTubing the best place to invest?

No. It is okay to invest in your channel, but it is not necessarily the best place to invest your money. Think of it in the sense that you aren’t sure about earning money unless you capture your target audience.

Will YouTube’s dominance in the video-sharing sector last forever?

The internet changes with time making it impossible to predict the future. Therefore, despite how successful the site is, things may change. Experts advise YouTubers to take advantage of this period to build themselves financially.

What is the importance of creating your brand as a Youtuber?

Every job has its risks, and the future is uncertain. As a result, no one can guarantee that YouTube will last an eternity. Experts advise YouTubers to create a brand that allows them to explore other fields in case of anything.


The popularity of Youtubing is increasing with time as people embrace online methods of making money. Different YouTubers have different goals; many create content to make money while others make videos for fun. 

This article explains facts about YouTubing as a career. Additionally, it answers some of the most popular questions revolving around this sector. Learn all the vital facts about the YouTubing career from the content above, enabling you to make wise decisions regarding this department. 

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