Should I Show My Face on YouTube? Is Face Reveal Dangerous?

Should I show my face on YouTube? Is a Face Reveal Dangerous? Anyone who’s struggling with the decision to show their face or not on YouTube. It’s no secret that YouTube is the number one site for online video. You can find anything on YouTube, but there are some caveats to remember before diving into this world of infinite content. 

To help you decide if you should show your face on YouTube or not, here are some things to think about:

– Do I want viewers to recognize me? Think of consequences such as being stalked or harassed in public.

– Am I happy with how I look? 

– Am I ready to face the world’s judgment, whether positive or negative? 

– Will I still be anonymous if I show my face?

– Is a Face Reveal Dangerous? Will my showing face on YouTube put me in a vulnerable position?   

Some videos are just one-off and random, but if you look around YouTube, you can find many videos where the YouTubers have their face shown. People re-upload them for different reasons. Maybe they want to make money by putting them up on the Internet for free, or perhaps they want to share something with their community.

should i show my face on youtube

Experts believe that showing your face can create a relationship that allows your viewers to understand your personality. However, this detail doesn’t necessarily mean you need to show your face for a successful career on YouTube since some individuals are dealing with cases of low self-esteem. Additionally, many people often present their background and character representation and are still doing okay.

So, Is Face Reveal Dangerous? 

Probably not. But individuals who are planning to quit YouTube and work in other fields eventually often feel that identity show will affect their job opportunities in the future. Note that as long as you keep your personal information and address private, the probability of face reveal posing any danger is almost zero. 

Many people who question the security of face reveal are often nervous about revealing themselves, and suppose that is the case; you can always wait until you are comfortable to expose your face. 

Note that the face reveals on YouTube primarily depends on you as an individual since you are responsible for what you want to show. You have the freedom to decide your content and video details. 

Therefore, it all goes back to how comfortable you are or feel safe when making your YouTube videos. As a YouTuber, your brain will naturally guide you on what is right to do when deciding on different details.

Pros And Cons Of Showing Your Face On YouTube

Every decision you make as a content creator has advantages and disadvantages, including face reveal on YouTube. In this case, this section will highlight the pros and cons of showing your face on YouTube.

Advantages of a Face Reveal:

Face reveal often creates a special kind of relationship between you and the viewer. What are the benefits of this relationship? First, this relationship allows them to understand your personality best since most people know how you think by looking at your face. 

  • Authority: 

The main reason people show their faces on YouTube is to get authority through their videos. YouTube is the #1 video-sharing site in the world. Knowing a fact as simple as “Mary had a little lamb” can result in millions of views. If you want to get an authority figure like Oprah Winfrey’s attention, you need to do something special, unique, and insightful.

  • Branding:

Showing your face will help you create a solid brand. The number one reason people establish their face is that they want to be known, whether that is for their own benefit or someone else’s benefit. 

For example, a blogger may want to show their face so that people recognize them by their “brand.” Then some want to offer because they want viewers to watch their videos and potentially buy from their store.

Most popular YouTubers have gained their brand, allowing them to quickly sell themselves to the world and seek opportunities to help them grow. With face reveal, you allow your brand to grow, and the audience understands the content you create, how you interact with people, and the best way to describe you. 

  • Confidence:

It can be easier to overcome shyness if you have confidence in yourself and what you say. You know what people think of you. If it’s good, then let them know how great you are. If it’s terrible, it can feel like a confidence boost to show that “I’m alright with who you are and what you have to say” will not let others down.

Is daily vlogging worth it?
  • Become an Influencer:

Showing your face on YouTube is an excellent way to become an influencer if you’re looking to become one. People trust others who they know and can relate to. If you don’t show your face, you’ll lose out on potential influence with your audience.

  • Celebrity:

If you’re looking to become the next big celebrity, there are many different routes that you can take. One of those ways to become a YouTube celebrity is by showing your face on YouTube.

You give yourself more ways of portraying your personality for viewers to understand you better. And it is no secret that the best way to attract people to your channel is by investing in your personality since many individuals don’t just subscribe for the content but the people.

Disadvantages of a Face Reveal:

As mentioned earlier, there is no good thing without its disadvantages

Face reveal means that people who know you can recognize you when they discover your channel. It is not a con if you are okay with it. But to some individuals, they are secretive of these details and prefer that people in their personal life never discover their channel. 

  • Safety: 

Some people choose not to show their faces because they want to keep their personal life separate from their public image. Coming forward on YouTube is a decision that can make a person lose bits of their privacy. It may open you to more attacks from the public or stalkers.

  • Trolling :

Suppose you visit the comments section of various YouTube channels; you realize that internet trolling is real. Why? Because you will come across thousands of rude comments that aim of driving the conversation off-topic. You will also recognize that people who expose their faces are more prone to cases of body shaming. As a result, if you are an individual with self-esteem issues, it may lead to depression, anxiety, and many more.

  • Stalkers:

It’s no secret that showing your face allows for stalkers to find out your address or other personal information, so make sure that those two things aren’t connected in any way (i.e., Google yourself). They can find you on Google and then find you on Facebook or your website that connects the dots. 

should i show my face on youtube
  • Storytelling over Face: 

Viewers prefer to watch videos rather than see faces. The face reveals are suitable for those trying to tell a story, such as when the narrator makes it to the next point. It can be helpful if you’re trying to make people laugh or cry, but not much else. Meanwhile, graphical presentations, animation, and video essays are far more prevalent among YouTube subscribers.

Should You Show Your Face on YouTube? 

As we know now, there are pros and cons to both revealing your face or keeping them covered. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it or not. The more public you become, the more you are recognized at all times of day and night, around the year. Some people like this attention, but others don’t want that kind of attention from a crowd. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is worth the potential dangers.

Also, you may realize that the pros outweigh the disadvantages hence showing your face is probably a great idea. However, if you are still anxious about it, no one can force you to present your videos in a certain way. You have the freedom to choose a face cam or stay behind the camera. Either way, in both cases, you will still achieve much as a content creator. Note that you have to ask yourself before making these decisions and realize if you are comfortable with it.

Working without a face requires powerful editing to achieve a high-quality that doesn’t detail anything that can expose your real identity. Therefore, in most cases, it is hard to keep up with faceless videos. 

Should I Hide My Identity On YouTube?

Experts recommend revealing your identity since it helps you create an effective relationship with your audience, and they can understand you better and how they can support you. That is, identity reveal enables you to build a brand with credibility, trust, and mutual understanding. 

Also, you can easily explore different job opportunities when people trust you, and it is no secret that it is a bit hard to rely on a faceless man with a fake name.

However, identity reveal isn’t something anyone should tell you to do or when to do it since it is ultimately a personal choice. Some people have to deal with personal insecurities, and if their mindset isn’t that strong, depression can always follow due to internet trolls. 

As much as we all want to proclaim the internet as some heaven, most of us understand the reality of the internet where content creators often deal with trolling and body shaming people.

Note that if you feel shy or uncomfortable revealing your identity, go for it since many faceless individuals have successful careers on YouTube.

Top YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face?

Many content creators wish to produce high-quality content for people to see but fear revealing their faces. Yet, they believe that you must show your face for a successful YouTube career in most cases. In this case, we will discuss some YouTube channel ideas that don’t necessarily require you to show your face.

  • Crafts: 

This move involves creating crafty things where you only expose your hands and the background. It is the best option for creative content creators who face multiple personal insecurities and wish to build a career in YouTube. Some of the videos under this sector have millions of views, showing a great area to explore for creative individuals.

  • Unboxing Videos: 

This genre of YouTube videos is where individuals unbox various products and give the audience an idea of its feel. And the best thing about these kinds of videos is that you can choose to be faceless and let your camera focus more on the products. Besides, there are multiple successful videos online of this genre; hence it is a great area to explore.

  • Demos and Tutorials: 

You can choose to use some software to give demos and tutorials without exposing your face. Experts are no secret individuals who love privacy, and as much as they love educating people, they love their privacy more. In that case, demos and tutorials don’t necessarily need you to expose your identity since you can create videos, and with some editing, you are good to go.

  • Gaming: 

Many people believe that every successful gaming channel requires you to expose your face. The method is excellent, but you can always go faceless and still have a successful gaming channel. The first thing is first, ensure that you pay attention to engagement and game details.

  • Motivation Videos: 

People are no secret dealing with many insecurities, and they often need a few words of motivation to keep them going. In that case, the genre is popular on YouTube; many channels offer these kinds of videos. You can re-edit cinematic musicals and add audio. 

  • Beauty: 

For instance, if you are a nail expert, you can always demo what you can do without exposing your face. Why? People who visit these kinds of videos are preferred good content to the Youtuber; hence you can easily capture a loyal audience.

  • Cooking: 

Suppose you are an observant person; every time you visit YouTube, you realize that many food creators don’t necessarily expose their faces. Therefore, cooking videos are genres you can often explore, especially if you are good at cooking.

Video camera
  • Photography:

 Many people love photography. If you are good at it, you are likely to draw attention to the right audience. Note that these kinds of videos don’t necessarily require you to expose your face.

  • Listicles: 

This genre includes videos that highlight the top ten. It is an area you can explore since you can work on reviewing various products. 

Can I Make Money On Youtube Without Showing My Face?

YouTube has no requirement that content creators show their faces so that you can make money on YouTube with or without identity reveal.

All you have to ensure is creating good eye-catching content, choosing the best keywords, choosing the target audience, and exploring a niche that you understand. Then, with a good number of subscribers and views, you can make as much money as people with a face cam.

Most Popular Faceless Youtube Channels?

As mentioned earlier, YouTube doesn’t require any content creator to reveal their faces. That is why you own your YouTube channel, where you control the content you create and what people view in your channel. It is a matter of choice on the YouTuber’s side. Here are some of the most popular faceless YouTube channels:

Who Is The Biggest Faceless Youtuber?

Revealing your face isn’t bad since you build an effective relationship with viewers and create your brand. But you can still do that without exposing your face. 

Corpse Husband is the biggest faceless Youtuber with over seven million subscribers with hundreds of videos. The view count totals millions of views, and this internet celebrity’s biggest strength is his deep and distinguishable voice that focuses on horror narration. Corpse Husband is an excellent example of content creators who don’t depend on their faces to create a viewer relationship.

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