How Do I Get Unique Content For YouTube? 12 Incredible Finds!

YouTube is a place where it’s very easy to get lost and forget your audience’s wants, so this article will help you identify some ways to get attention on the platform. It also provides a list of tips that may help you with your campaign.

Finding content maybe not be very difficult but finding unique and original content is not an easy task. It is pretty challenging to find topics for their uniqueness and originality.

How do I get unique content for YouTube

Videos are the most-watched and most consumed content online nowadays, so YouTube videos are one of the best ways to get audience attention and make your blog or site popular.

Why Is Good Unique Content Important?

There are many reasons which will help you to make your work more original and unique.

1. Good means Quality:

Quality is the most crucial factor that makes content unique and original. If your videos are not good enough, no one will be interested in watching them and subscribe to your channel.

But how do you define quality content? In short, any content that adds value to the subscriber’s life or makes them experience something new is good. But if it is served with honesty, research, and problem-solving attributes with great authority, it becomes Quality Content.  

2. Separates Yourself from the Crowd: 

You stand out from the crowd by making your work original. You must make your video unique and original because people will watch it, share it and look forward to watching the following video only if they liked the previous one.

3. Ranks Faster: 

It is the easiest way to get views. The reason is that when you post something unique, YouTube loves the uniqueness and makes it easier to rank faster.

4. Viral Power: 

Writing unique content will be shared more on social media because people will talk about it because they think it is perfect and authentic. Therefore your video will be shared more and so reach more people in a short time.

5. Builds Authority: 

Finally, you will get a lot of authority by publishing unique content. People will trust your work and help you to make YouTube more famous.

How do I get unique content for YouTube

6. YouTube Algorithm Supports it: 

If the YouTube algorithm finds your content unique, it will recommend to other channels from your niche. You end up attracting more eyeballs effortlessly. Viewers will feel interested and subscribe to your channel.

7. Beats the Competition: 

The competition on YouTube is indeed very high. But if you make quality videos that no one is making, you will take advantage of the algorithm and outshine others in the niche.

8. Helps in Branding: 

If your content stands out for its uniqueness, you can quickly build a brand name for yourself and get more investors to your channel, blog, or website.

All your videos will get more views if you do something different and have good quality work. People like other things about you, so please try to make some changes in your videos to attract viewers’ attention and get their votes for the best videos on YouTube.

So, publishing unique content gives you the edge over the others. But, How do you get unique content? Here is what you should do.

How To Find Unique Content For YouTube?

Your creativity is the answer. There are many ways to make unique content that help your viewers to be interested in your videos. Here are some ideas and tips that can help you find unusual, engaging, and original video topics.

1. Brainstorm and Filter:

The first step is to brainstorm. Random brainstorming is the key to find any unique idea. But you can’t create all that you ideate. It is just the first step to make a start.

(Pic of a random brainstorming Example – Running)

Then filter out whatever looks popular. In no time you will find few topics to deep dive into.

2. Google and YouTube Autosuggest:

Now, take the key topics from your brainstorming and search for keywords or search terms that people want to know. Google and YouTube’s Autosuggest function works wonders for what people are looking for. Autosuggest is a feature that drops a few phrases or keywords that people are rabidly searching.

But use this function on a different browser with no logins or in the incognito mode. It is because it should not feature your search records. From there, list down a list of exciting topics that aren’t appearing on the YouTube searches. There you go, you got few unique topics on your sleeves.

3. Top Brand Blogs and Channels:

Top brands or personalities are usually ahead of the curve, focusing on broader ideas than the specific content. Suppose you look at their website blogs, social media platforms, or YouTube channels. You may find specific unaddressed ideas that you can uniquely make videos.

You can also try looking at similar big names in your niche or maybe take a look at videos of those who have done something similar to you and got views before you.

4. Research Tools:

The next step is to do the research. Find a video on YouTube which has the highest rank for that term. You can easily find this by using a search or by using Google’s keyword planner tool.

Google Keyword Planner tool helps you see how many searches are happening per month, how many competitors you have, and what search terms your competitors are using. It is an invaluable tool that gives you high-quality data.

You can also find unique ideas while researching content on the other content in your niche. Please note the random thoughts and memory is never a good friend in these matters.


for alternative terms on the subject. It helps you find the exact same keyword phrases that are used by other sites in your niche.

Also, check out websites like or to get suggestions for specific keywords you might be interested in using and what people are searching for.

5. Engage with your Audience:

You must understand who your audience is first and then make a plan. You have to know what kind of content the audience likes watching. Check the topics of the most shared topics or most watched videos. Check if the audience is pleased with the videos.

How do I get unique content for YouTube

You can either do that by asking them, checking the comment sections on Quora, Reddit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube comments section. You can also check niche forums for the same purpose.

6. Check for Opportunities:

The next step is to pick the topic that interests you. Then, place it on the YouTube search and find if the keyword is saturated or has scope for ranking fast. Since it is a searched term, people are looking for that information.

But how do you know whether it is a saturated search term? You can check it with these two tricks:

1- If the ranking videos are not very old and have more than 10K views.

2- If the ranking videos’ headlines are not congruent with the search term.

If it is any of the above, you have an opportunity. If your channel is young, it is an excellent way to find unique ideas that are interesting and that are not too saturated. Then it’s better to start posting them immediately.

7. Be Original:

There are billions of web pages and videos on the internet. To find unique content is almost impossible. But you can always approach the same popular topic with your different take, your alternate view, a creative style to your presentation.

It would be best if you were original by attacking the topic at an angle. The key is to make it unique and to add something extra or different.

People are searching the topic but may be pleasantly surprised if you add an angle or twist to the popular topic. That makes it unique. You can interview people or do surveys to make your content sound more researched and authentic.

8. View from a Different Angle:

Another unusual way to approach saturated content differently is to have a different take on it. Everyone is jumped on the wagon of creating content about the Keto Diet. But what if you write about the Keto diet for kids or pets. No one has thought about Keto for animals. It is an exciting way to look at a trendy topic.

9. Make a Prediction:

If you think the topic is saturated, then why not forecast something about it? It is the best way to create a unique video without any research.

Predication necessarily does not mean predicting world ending or technological advancements but predicting general content.

You can predict anything related to your niche, like how people will react to something happening in the future.

10. Confront The Norm:

Social Media is a highly polarised platform today. Any idea or view has lovers and haters. People love to listen to opinions which they are already aware of but have opposing views on it. You can also look at other popular videos in your niche on similar topics and make your take on it.

It’s all about managing expectations with your audience. When you make a video that talks about both sides of the story, people will enjoy it.

11. Recycle Technique :

If you can’t find anything unique to say about the topic, then recycle it. It is popular because people are interested in that content.

Maybe you can put it in your own words, personal touch to it, or present it in a different way like using animations, whiteboard presentations or create fictional events like a short film.

12. Into the Future:

Without a doubt, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in the coming years. You can check out AI-based writing platforms like and to find how they help find topics in your niches.

We will keep adding to the list if we come across any unique tips. Do you have any other ideas about how to create unique content? Drop us an email with your ideas, and we will add them to this list!

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