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There are a few things to know before you take off your YouTube journey with your friends. If you aim to be the next famous BFF ( Best Friend Forever) channel like Brooklyn and Bailey or Niki and Gabi, just creating a channel and uploading videos isn’t enough to be sensational. 

The content has to be exceptionally magnificent when it comes to YouTube channels with your best friend or friends (if not unique). Meanwhile, there needs to be clarity between you and your friends before starting the channel.

youtube video ideas with friends

Few questions you should be clear about before you get into action.

  • Are you both willing to do it? 
  • Are you ready to share the spotlight?
  • If you accept love from the audience, be prepared to get criticism too. Don’t play the blame game!
  • What’s your aim/objective/purpose of doing it? And why together?
  • What will you create?

Now, willingness and enthusiasm are usually equal on both counters. Initially, sharing the spotlight won’t be a problem. Your BFF or group would be ready to do it. 

Top 10 YouTube Video Ideas With Friends

When it comes to topics and ideas, even two brains face a tough time. Well, no more, here are the top ten ideas you may love to make videos on with your friends.

1) Pranks:

Creating prank videos is easy but requires a lot of guts. People love to watch prank videos as their results and reaction is unpredictable.

 There are many types of pranks meant for entertainment, but few are extreme. The prank done on your family members or friends are pretty harmless and prerogative.

Making prank videos is great if the output is laughter for everyone, especially the pranked person (victim). Capturing a priceless reaction should be the purpose.

Extreme pranks tend to make a person feel ashamed and self-recrimination. The person keeps his guard on due to fear of being duped. So prank videos are great and have immense potential to go viral. But, it would be best if you didn’t achieve it from someone’s dignity at stake.

Additionally, animal pranks are not good either. Even if you write, “No animals were harmed in the act,” the psychological damage to the living being is real.

youtube channel ideas with friends

2) Challenges:

Sometimes things get boring, and challenges can be an effective way to spice things up. You enjoy it and experience something new altogether.

There are more than 100 challenges you and your friends can do. Just challenges can give you content for over a year.

Challenges like Ice Bucket, Egg Drop, Mannequin, Guess the object, one rep pushup, and impossible squat challenge. These challenges are funny and suitable for all viewers without offending anyone.

You can also play team/group challenges like Escape the Room OR Treasure Hunt. The group that escapes first by decoding all puzzles wins the game.

3) Comedy Vines/Series:

If you have friends with a good sense of humor and creativity, this is the best category to work on. People love watching comedy vines/shows, especially if it’s original.

Make comedy series that reflect people’s struggles or daily life that they aren’t able to express to others. Your viewers will find it funny/interesting when they find your videos relatable to them.

It’s amazing how nobody can walk in your shoes but can relate to those things and feel the same. That’s the power of Comedy Series and Vines.

youtube video ideas with friends

4) Music Videos:

YouTube is dominant in music videos sharing 55% of music viewership. People are so inclined towards YouTube; there is a separate app dedicated to music. You can either compose your songs or cover other songs.

With the rise of TikTok, you may even try lip-syncing music videos. Gather your BFFs that are good at singing or playing some musical instrument. Select a song you can cover. Get your fancy costumes and start recording.

It’s better to compose your own music/song as it differentiates you from other channels. If you want to start without investing much, lip-syncing or song remake can be an ideal choice. As you grow, you may create your songs.

5) Experiment & Science:

Have you ever encountered a thumbnail showing hydraulic press against objects or a crusher crushing hammers? Chances are, you have watched those videos just because the thumbnail was convincing.

Experiment channels use the viewer’s curiosity to gain views and watch hours. We all are curious about what would happen if lava is poured into x liters of Coca-Cola.

People want to try those experiments, but it seems like wasting money just to know the end result. So they better watch the video for free. You can also make it more educational if you understand chemistry.

A lot of people struggle to memorize chemical formulas and equations. Experimental videos apart from the syllabus of chemistry would gain more views than an educational one.

You will need friends while making such videos. Always keep someone on standby if anything goes wrong. And record such videos outdoor, far from residential areas.

6) Movie Scenes:

In recent days, recreating movie scenes has been a trend. Gather your friends, split the work into groups. Recreate your favorite movie scenes! Here, cinematography plays a crucial role.

Good acting is necessary, but perfect capturing and editing will determine the output. Here, you can pour your creativity to recreate the scene with minimal changes too. For example, adding a plot twist to enhance the scene.

7) Paintball Army Game:

A team-shooting game! Divide your friends into two groups and fight each other by shooting colored spherical capsules.

Choose different terrains and locations. You can establish a post for group A to defend, and group B will raid it. Paintballs are safe to play with proper safety gear.

People enjoy watching such competitive shooting games. Meanwhile, you will love it!

8) Sports Challenge:

Are you an athlete? Or in love with a sport? Sports challenge is the best for you. As you are passionate about a sport, you are likely to enjoy it. And, you won’t feel bored doing it (long run).

Videos like scoring against a bot goalkeeper, performing trick shots, or anything fancy enough. Challenges like one rep pushup, long jumps, and challenges among your own group. In the end, challenge your viewers!

9) Reaction channel:

Reaction channels are all over YouTube for every niche. It’s available for every type of content that goes viral or at least watched by the mass. Here you need to react to videos and try to make them more enjoyable.

The topic can be anything. Let it be the DBS Tournament of Power or a viral video. You can react to almost everything. Roast things you find funny creating a hilarious reacting video.

10) Vlogging:

Vlogging is so popular that you will find it in every blog you search for ideas. A group vlog or tag team vlog where you explore different places.

youtube video ideas with friends

You can talk about difficulties in the route/journey. Trying out different recipes and learning about a different culture. Get your team, a drone, cameras, and of course a car to travel. 

What Are Other Popular YouTube Video Ideas?

Apart from the top video ideas, you can definitely look at the other popular channel ideas with friends. They are no less popular than the top ones.

  1. Parody
  2. Review channel
  3. Showboat skills
  4. Gaming
  5. Fashion and Beauty
  6. Science and Technology
  7. Magic Tricks
  8. News channel
  9. Roasting channel
  10. Fandom or Fan Theory channel
  11. Anime Made Videos or Fan-Made Videos
  12. Travel / Adventure channel
  13. With Cute/Funny Animals

What Can You Do With Friends On YouTube?

You can create awesome content with your allies. If you have four friends, you got five people to think about the same topic. The creativity five brains can show is undoubtedly better than one if everyone is willing to do it.

Meanwhile, you get a different type of people to show the audience. A percentage of the audience might like the acting of person A than B. Meanwhile, another percentage would like person B. It’s like the audience will love the content, but the character has a separate fan base.

What Can You Do With Friends For Free?

You can create prank videos for free just with your mobile phones. Music videos are also a good choice that can be done using mobile.

You can create almost everything using your mobile phone as your only gadget. Ideas like an experiment or paintball games will need decent funding. Rest ideas can be done using a mobile phone.

YouTube Video Ideas With Friends Challenges

Let’s check out some promising YouTube Challenges that have trended over time.

  • Blindfolded Eating Challenge
  • Ice Bucket Challenge
  • Balloon in the Air
  • Makeup in minutes
  • Hot-Chilli Challenge
  • Lemon without expression
  • Spin and stand eyes closed
  • World’s spiciest chip
  • Food challenge
  • Non Veg vs Veg Food Challenge
  • Try Not to Laugh
  • Yoga Challenge
  • Sports challenge
  • Calisthenics challenge
  • DIY Challenge
  • Building a Tree House
  • Noobs vs Pro gaming challenge

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