10 Reasons Why Video Editing Software Is So Expensive

As a videographer, you may already know that video editing software is expensive. But do you know what makes it unaffordable? Let us understand it.

In this day and age, videos are hot on social platforms. But, to give them a professional edge, you can’t do it with cheap apps or low-end editing software. There is no denying, to make your edits look great, a reputed video editing software is the need of the hour.

Nevertheless, the video editing software are costly. But these are not expensive for no reason. So before investing in an edit set up, you should know why these commands a high price. This article discusses why video editing software is so expensive. We chalked out ten prime reasons. Check them out.

Top 10 Reasons why video editing software is so expensive

1.     A lot of Effort to Develop it

It is no secret that software development is expensive, and video editing software is no exception. That’s because it takes a lot of effort and, to some extent, a large task force to develop it.

Video editing needs high data speeds for processing and high-end processors to maintain fluidity. An editor’s creative process mustn’t be hindered by technical glitches breaking the audio and visual timeline’s smooth sync. It takes particular expertise and high-end engineering to deal with it. Hence the development is an expensive and time-consuming game.

1.     Frequent Updates

Developing video editing software is not the end game. The developers need to fix few bugs or may have to add new features as competition is fierce. Also, new technology breakthroughs or compatibility with third-party hardware demand updating regularly.

Just like developing software, it also needs time and effort. Therefore, the cost becomes high enough to cater for future updates.

2.     Customer Support

In addition to the updates, companies also have to add customer support as part of the package. After all, the product is technical, and not everyone is familiar with the same. It adds on to the price.

3.     Adds Great Value

Imagine buying software that gives professional results regardless of your level of expertise? That’s what video editing software does. Such a value is worth a lot. Its equivalent, a professional video editor, also costs a lot of money. So, the price of buying video editing software and hiring a video editor cannot be so far apart when the result is similar.

4.     Targeted Market

The developers don’t expect amateurs to buy their video editing software. They assume that you are buying it for business, or you are a professional, which is mostly the case.

And, business products cost higher than a consumable one. The software will increase productivity, which will translate into higher income. Therefore, the high price is actually an excellent investment for a business or a professional.

5.     Reusable Product

As a video editing software developer, you are aware that once someone buys your product today, he will be in a position to use it for as long as he or she wishes. Therefore, you are dealing with one-time buyers, and they will benefit from it for a long time; hence it is only fair that the developer delivers a high-quality product, and quality costs money.

6.     Expensive Addons

For professional editing setup, software needs to have compatibility with various addons like monitors, arrays of fast processing storage disks, sound mixers, and equipment. With all these bulky paraphernalia, cheap editing software looks like a bicycle on a superfast lane. Not only is it incompetent to handle these, but they also are not even upgradable. High-end video editing software can empower these addons to be function super effectively,

7.     Nature of Business

The video editing Sector is a niche business. A limited market with a low-cost product is not a viable business. The product is a high end, and hence the margins are high to sustain the business. The companies also want to maximize the profit, which means selling as expensive as possible.

Also, unlike most businesses out there, video editing software is not an everyday product. Therefore, there are only a few people out there who are willing to buy them. The companies also need to do a lot of marketing to convince the few customers why the software is worth buying. As a result, video editing developers will have to charge a lot of money for a reasonable investment return.

8.     Very Few Players

There are a few players out there as far as video editing software is concerned. That translates to low supply, which leads to high demand. Demand and supply impact the prices in various markets, and this one is no exception. Due to the small pool and consequent high demand, the prices also go high.

9.     It is an investment

The entertainment business is a booming business. So, buying video editing software can rake in huge returns. Also, it a technology-heavy business. So, the end-users are willing to buy the final cuts at a high price. If something is making you money more than its expenditure, isn’t it worth investing if the investment return is substantial?

There you go. So I guess you are now more than convinced why the price of a video editing software look so expensive.

How much does a video editing software cost?

It would be misleading to declare a fixed price for video editing software. After all, the cost depends on several factors like features, package content, and brand, but to mention a few. 

Needs differ from one video to another and from one editor to the other. Fortunately, the diversity will ensure that there is something for everybody. So, depending on what you are looking for, the costs are different.

If you want something simple or expect to edit your video’s fundamental aspects only, you can get free video editing software. However, it is only fair that you don’t expect a lot from it. For instance, don’t expect it to support all video formats. Others will even limit how you use them. A good example is VideThang, which allows you to edit only videos that you will upload on Facebook and YouTube, among other social media platforms.

With a budget of between $50 and $150, it is possible to get one with more features than the free one. You get to work on not only standard but also high definition video. It also supports 5.1 surround sound mixing. The bottom line is that you get more features, such as capturing, editing, authoring, and burning high-quality videos. Equally important, compatibility is wider.

Professional video editing software cost almost $2000. With video editing software, the higher the price, the more the features. Additionally, the wider the compatibility in terms of formats and the higher the quality.

Ensure that you only invest in what you need to avoid incurring unnecessary costs.

Why is Final Cut Pro so expensive?

There are various reasons why Final Cut Pro is quite expensive. For instance, it has many and advanced features hard to find in its cheap counterparts. Some of its key features are intelligent color balancing and multi-cam editing. You also get to enjoy Max Touch Bar, HDR as well as 360 footage. Others include a magnetic, trackless timeline, great stability, and excellent performance.

Its support for media-format and new hardware is also incredible. Its tool is easy to organize by scenes, faces, tagging, ratings, and libraries. You get more than 100 audio and video effects at your disposal too. Despite having many complex features, the interface is simple, whether you are a novice or an expert. Its versatility and the incredible power it gives one to edit are hard to ignore. 

It is also important to note that it is a one-time payment. So, if you buy it today, you can use it for as long as you want. The package also includes excellent customer support and free future updates for life. It is also designed for Apple Users, and it is hard to find something associated with Mac that you can buy at a low price


Why is Vegas Pro so expensive?

Another video editing software that is expensive is the Vegas Pro. One reason is its wide compatibility, making it perfect for use with both Windows and Mac Operating Systems. It can also edit both audio and video and comes with composition tools too.

Vegas Pro has outstanding features such as 3D, spatial agreement when dealing with visual planes, MIDI capacity, z-depth control, and track motion expectations. It has effects such as flange audio effects, delay, and reverb. Its integration with 24p DV means that you don’t need a plugin to change any format to 24p.

The video editing software allows you to nest two projects and also deal with the large and complex easily. Its target market is professionals, which means that buyers will make money from it, eventually.

Free/Cheap versus Expensive Video Editing Software

So to clean the air even more let’s do a comparative analysis between free/cheap and expensive video editing software.

Sr. No.Free/Cheap Video Editing SoftwareExpensive Video Editing Software
1It is available at a pocket-friendly price. Some are free as well.It will cost you quite a handsome amount of money, no doubt.
2Ideal for simple editingAbsolutely essential when you want to edit some advanced stuff
3Free and cheap video editing software supports a few video formats only.These support most of the video formats, if not all, of them.
4It has limited features. They include the necessary splitting, rotating, cropping, and editing videos.Includes a comprehensive range of features for both basic and advanced ones.
The expensive video editing software allows you to pan, zoom, play reverse, and stabilize video in addition to the basic features.
Equally important, you can tune the color, mix multiple audio tracks, add mosaic, or use a green screen, among others.
5Limited amount of special effectsIt includes good chroma keying and compositing attributes.
Also, you will find many inbuilt special effects and animation templates at your disposal
6Most of them will add watermarks to the file.No  watermark on the file except the demo version
7Suitable for private or home viewing videosExcellent for advanced professional work
8Hardly updates the softwareIt offers frequent updates to ensures that you get to work with a compatible tool with even the latest technologies.
9The customer support leaves a lot to be desired and could be unavailable in some cases.Expect prompt customer support, including personal visits.
The expensive video editing software purchase includes services like email support, helpline, and live chat.
10You may require to install plugins and add-ons for it to work.The software comes ready for the task as soon as to remove it from the packaging box.
11Requires no trainingIn most cases, you may have to undergo a training program to be in a position to use the software.
Fortunately, it is usually part of the package you pay for, and it is worth it.
12A high-quality output may be hard to achieve with free or cheap video editing software.You can rest assured that the quality output will always be excellent.
13 Editing may take a relatively long time.You get to save a lot of time editing your video
14Warning: There is a chance of trojan viruses sneaking into your computer through free versionsNo such chances. It is absolutely foolproof, and most of the time, an expert will install the software.

Final Words

If you are a videographer who wants to purchase a great video editing software, you better prepare a handsome amount of money. The good thing is that it will be worth spending on, no doubt.

It will save you a lot of time spent waiting, efforts you would use editing, and money that a professional video editor would have demanded. As much as there are free and expensive editing software, you get something worth what you pay for in both cases.

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