10 Anime For Female Beginners

Anime or Japanese Animation is a worldwide trend. Everyone watches anime at some point in one’s life. Even you might have seen a few AMV videos or a few episodes of an anime. The characters, storyline, art, everything are so impressive.

Another reason for the success of anime is its variety. There are many genres in anime, such as sci-fi, action, horror, romance, and more. They are overpowering western comics. Anime is unique and special in itself. Here the interest increases every season, and the character development is impressive.

If you are a girl or a woman and think that anime is not for you, you are thinking wrong. Anime is for everyone. You have to find what kind of anime you like. Once you deduce your interests, watching anime will be your best decision. If you are thinking of watching anime, what are you waiting for?

In the beginning, everyone is worried about which anime to watch. Because you have no idea which anime will be interesting? Thus, beginners tend to watch anime based on recommendations.

Best Anime For Female Beginners

Your friend who has seen many anime will tell you the most famous anime, but is it according to your interest? Mostly not. So, here are 10 anime every girl could start as a beginner..

1. Death Note

Often people recommend Death Note to beginners because it breaks your illusion that anime is for kids. Secondly, it’s an excellent thriller drama with not so tricky subtitles. The storyline is quite exciting, and you will love both the lead characters. You will ask yourself whether L is right or light at some point in time. This anime will make you think about what is right and what is wrong. According to the law, what seems right with human emotions is often considered inappropriate.

The story begins with a student named Light, who gets a death note. Now the Death Note belongs to a Shinigami “Ryuk.” Shinigami’s feed on other’s life. Ryuk is bored of his immortality and drops his note. This note allows the user to kill anyone just by knowing the name and face of the victim. Light, a bright student, starts a killing spree that catches the attention of every intelligence agency. Here comes L, the most intelligent detective who has solved numerous mysterious cases.

L’s doubt is on Light from the beginning. But no one believes L because of a lack of proof. Now starts L vs. Light which is amazing to see.

The speed at which the story goes in Death Note is catchable. Death Note has fewer episodes than the other shonen anime, like One Piece has 500+ episodes.

Now, if a beginner starts one from behind. So he will get /overwhelmed in 100 episodes because a beginner does not know how to catch so many episodes. So it’s better to start with shorter anime that have fewer episodes and seasons. So catching pace is easier.

2. One-Punch Man

A funny action anime that revolves around a guy called “Saitama,” who’s just a Hero for fun. Where the rest of the anime keeps giving power forms to the characters and pushing their limits by bringing dangerous villains, One-Punch Man is a different idea. In this, Saitama becomes the almighty after three years of intense training.

Now, he has nothing to do. He can finish off any opponent in one punch or series of punches. He has trespassed the domain of Gods. And, even in the anime, it’s shown that a God resides in him.

He is usually shown as a person with no definite expression. No antagonist could defeat him, so there’s no need for him to train. Meanwhile, he has no idea what next. Watching the anime, you will love the power of Saitama, destroying meteoroids defeating one of the strongest beings of the universe. But at some point, the anime will force you to think, is such power worth it?

It seems a great idea for a viewer but not for Saitama. He is Godly strong. But in exchange for immense strength (he accepts), he has lost something more valuable for a human, his emotions. He feels nothing inside, and even if he says, “He is a Hero for Fun,” I don’t think he really means that. His life and story are worth the time. Season 1 is way better than Season 2. And the third season is the most awaited anime. Total Episodes: 24 (12 episodes in both seasons).

3. My Hero Academia

The story revolves around Izuku Midoriya, an average boy born with no superpowers in a world with 80% population having some powers. Midoriya is obsessed with becoming a Hero. He idolizes the strongest hero, “The Almighty.” But being born with no natural superpowers, he is always upset about his fate until his idol becomes his sensei.

The Almighty trains Midoriya through some really intense and limit-breaking training. Midoriya religiously follows his training as he doesn’t want to be a victim of his genetics. Will Midoriya become the Hero he idolizes?

4. By The Grace of Gods

If you love adventure and fantasy, this anime is for you. Ryoma, a 39-year-old man, dies of a sneeze. It’s a light, pleasant anime that will relax you. The story is of a man who dies because of a  sneeze.

Ryoma suffered loneliness, misfortune, and abuse throughout his life. Three gods feel pity seeing his life and decide to reincarnate him in another world. The gods want him to have fun and experience happiness.

Ryoma reincarnates as a little boy and is gifted with magical powers. He lives in a forest and discovers slime creatures. Life seems to be going well, just he and his slimes. After three years, he faces the first human encounter. And, that’s when the anime becomes more interesting.

5. BNA

Brand New Animal is great for kids. This anime shows you the world in a different way and gives you a message about social acceptance. Beastmen, a species capable of changing their shape on their will, is in conflict with humans. This conflict forces them to hide.

Anima city serves as the safest place for Beastmen, as there’s no human interference. The story revolves around Michiru, who accidentally becomes Beastmen. The anime has a lot to offer you (values of friendship, teamwork, and social acceptance).

6. Tanaka is Listless

Everyone is listless in life at some point or the other, but for Tanaka, it’s a daily chore. Tanaka is a lazy boy who is famous for sleeping and staying inattentive. He prays that his day goes as comfortably as the previous day.

Oota, his best friend, always helps Tanaka with tasks he couldn’t accomplish. Tanaka always encounters days that prevent him from living the days he wishes for. It’s a great storyline and full of comedy.

 7. Nichijou – My Ordinary Life

The story is about the adventures of a girl trio. You might think it’s an ordinary anime with a normal plot story of three girls. But it’s more than just an ordinary one. Every day starts as a usual day, but things turn around funnily.

Let it be punching a cop, assuming him stealing your masterpiece, or witnessing the principal taking down a deer. It’s a funny and quite relatable anime with chaotic friends.

8. Aggretsuko

Retsuko is a 25-year-old girl who works in the accounts department of a trading firm. She often gets frustrated because of his superiors and colleagues. This anime completely captures the life of an adult.

Having endured everything for five years, Retsuko goes through a phase that puts her job at risk. Because of this, she was forced to change her relationship with her colleagues. Slowly Retsuko starts thinking of new ways to be happy.

Aggretsuko is a well-paced anime that shows the reality of the corporate world and gender inequality. It depicts the Japanese work culture and the reality of joining the Japanese work machine, especially from a women’s perspective. It shows reality funnily.

9. Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Reborn is another anime that blends action and comedy. The anime might seem boring in the initial phase for around 20 episodes. And, you might even leave watching it. But the real stuff starts after 20 episodes. Here a middle school boy is given the education to become the 10th generation Mafia of the Vongola family.

Slowly, Tsuna becomes mature and strong. The battles are perfectly drawn. The anime is hilarious to watch! And, suitable for all ages. Despite being an action and Mafia-related anime, there’s no gore scene.

10. Dragon Ball Series & Naruto

Dragon Ball Series & Naruto might sound boyish, and it’s true to some extent. But, the value DB and Naruto possess is excellent. Dragon Ball Series teaches you about friendship, hard work, forgiveness, and trust. The character development of both the anime is astonishing.

Although Goku is a Saiyan, he is kind, calm, and shows mercy to even his fiercest opponents. Meanwhile, Vegeta is a being that believes in destruction. He trains very hard to surpass Goku. But, he never beats Goku with a more significant margin. Because Vegeta never wants anyone to help him.

Meanwhile, Goku has learned from other people. On the other hand, Vegeta enjoys finding his way of becoming stronger. Sooner, Vegeta develops kindness and emotions, but he never accepts it as his pride is above everything. The character development of Vegeta is worth watching; he is a villain at first, but he becomes an ally sooner.

Moving on to DBS, Jiren is another character worth watching. He is the guy who honestly believes in his strength and fights without depending on anyone.

Naruto has a few characters that are perfect examples of determination, perseverance, and hard work. Even though both animes have a lot of action scenes, there’s a little bit of comedy too.    

Honorable Mentions:

  • Avatar
  • Fruit Basket
  • Hunter X Hunter
  • Pri Pri Chi Chan
  • How to keep a Mummy

How To Start Watching Anime?

Anime isn’t something to plan and start. It’s just about knowing your interest, selecting an anime by reading its short summary. If it’s interesting, watch it. It’s better to start with simple anime that have easier subtitles and is perfect chronologically.

There are anime’s that are quite complicated in chronological order. And, such anime tend to confuse a beginner. So it’s better to go for easier ones first. Be habitual with anime, and prefer subbed episodes instead of dubbed ones. As subbed ones are closer to character expression and storyline.

What Age Groups Watch Anime? (Anime Popularity By Age)

There’s no specific age to watch anime. You can watch it whenever you discover an interest in it. Usually, people start watching it when they are between 13 to 19 years old. It’s normal for teenagers to watch anime.

Animes like Dragon Ball are so popular in Asian countries that even kids watch the show. We all have grown up watching Beyblade, Bakugan, Dragon Ball Z, Atashinchi, and more. These anime have been kid-friendly. Anime is for all ages except a few categories.

According to a survey on Crunchyroll, 57 percent of people voted for 13 to 17. Around 30 percent voted for 18 or above. And, the rest of the percentage denied watching anime in these years.

If we go with another survey, 57 percent of the anime lovers were found to be between 18 to 24 years old. Approximately 20 percent of viewers were between the ages of 12 to 17. And similar was the result for 25 to 34. People above 34 stands at 4 percent, making them least interested.

Another survey on Reddit recites somewhat the same story. Around 3500 people participated in the poll, and the average age of anime lovers is 20.3. And, the most common age group was 18 years. So it’s safe to say that the maximum number of anime viewers is between 18 to 24. The second rank goes from 12 to 17. And, the third rank goes from 25 to 33.

Which Anime Genres Do Girls Watch?

Girls often love romantic comedy, a slice of life, supernatural fiction, adventure fiction, and fantasy. The main catch is usually the comedy genre.

What Are Some Good Age-Appropriate Anime For A 12-13 Years Olds?

1) Fairy Tail

2) Lucky Star

3) My Hero Academia

4) K-On

5) Hunter X Hunter

6) Jojo Bizarre Adventure

7) Death Note

8) Fullmetal Alchemist

9) Gakuen Babysitter

10) Gal and Dino

11) How to Keep a Mummy

12) Squid Girl

What Anime Do Teen Girls Like?

Starting Anime Recommendation For Young Adult Female

  • Deathnote
  • Ghibli movies
  • A Silent Voice
  • Clannad
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Your Name
  • Ouran
  • Haikyuu
  • Samurai Champloo
  • Kill la Kill
  • Your Lie in April
  • Yuri on Ice
  • Kenshin
  • FLCL
  • Trigun
  • Code Geass
  • Tokyo Ghoul
  • Black Butler

Frequently Asked:

Is Haikyuu A Good Starter Anime?

Haikyuu is an awesome anime for a starter. You will just love it! You will regret why you didn’t play volleyball during your school time. Every point multiplies the thrill of the match. The anime is so good that there’s a term in Japan “Haikyuu Effect.”

In Japan, the sports involvement of kids was gradually declining. In such a situation, Haikyuu improved this declining rate first when the manga series came into the market. And, second, when the anime aired online. Haikyuu is on the whole next level and delivers everything a viewer expects. It’s a big yes for newcomers and anime noobs.

Who Is The Most Loved Girl Anime Character?

  • There are awesome girl anime characters, and everyone has their own choice. According to ranker.com, Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail is the best/strongest girl character. Hinata Hyuga is at second rank. And the third rank is secured by Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail. 
  • Uraraka Ochaco from My Hero Academia is also among the most popular anime girl character.
  • Hinata Hyuga is also known by the majority of anime enthusiasts. 

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